Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

Nearly a year ago, I began to talk about re-doing the girls' rooms. Back then, they were in different rooms but we had plans to put them in one room and build loft beds.


Then I picked out fabric for bedspreads and chose a paint color. And I actually painted their room.

Oh wait. FIRST, we changed the room we were going to re-do. I BEGAN re-doing one room and now they are in a different room. It's painted a lovely shade of green and I haven't done another blessed thing to that room since.

So we've got one wildly hot striped comforter and one Dora comforter. And nothing hanging on the walls. And a sheet on the window. I'd share pictures but I'm not sure you could handle the loveliness.

So here is where I need your help. The fabric I bought for their bedspreads? I don't like it anymore. I don't want it. It was only $20something for all of it so I don't care about the price. I'll use that fabric for other things. That's not it.

Can I have permission to change my mind? Can I please pick out totally new fabric and do something totally different in there? The green walls stay.......I want to go pink and green. I can't quit seeing beautiful girls' rooms in pink and green. The girls even walked down the aisle at Target last week and said, "Oh Mama, this stuff is PERFECT for our room!!!!"

And don't think for one minute that if I could find affordable bedding I wouldn't buy it rather than sew it because I would. What I would REALLY like to have are quilts.

Only I don't really.....quilt. So that's an issue.

Ug. I HAVE to do something to that ugly room. And fast. And we are going to get those loft beds done soon too. S is starting his lawn care business back up this spring so as soon as we get a few more customers, maybe we can get started buying wood. Which he will then not really have time to build anything out of because he'll be busy mowing. :)

It's a vicious cycle. Any ideas for what I can do to these beds in the meantime? Any bedding ideas for me? Because this room needs HELP.


  1. Yes. You can change your mind. :)

    And, I think you can quilt. It doesn't look too hard. (What am I saying? It's just all this CONFIDENCE I now have because I own a sewing machine.) ;)

    As for bedding in the meantime? Don't they have somewhere some inexpensive, plain colored spreads that you can applique cute things on? Is this idea even possible?! And, I know you can make pillows to match. Or, even just do the plain bedding and make pillows and curtains to match. Have Sweetheart help you with the pillows.

    Let us know what you come up with!

  2. I give you permission to change your mind, even though you totally didn't support my being a slacker, but whatever.

    I agree, having quilts is awesome. I'll tell you, I totally splurged for Lorelai and bought her a Pottery Barn quilt on sale and it has the same look as the Target stuff your girls picked out.

    I'm just gonna say it now - quilting isn't necessarily HARD, but it's VERY cumbersome, and you probably have to pay someone to actually do the "quilting" at the end, because I'm going to guess you don't have a machine big enough. So, in the end, it's more cost-effective to buy a quilt. Here's the quilt I bought for Lorelai.

    I just use regular Target sheets and I'm going to make the owls,etc. I'm telling you, it's MUCH cheaper to go that route. And I have a few secrets on how to get discounts on Pottery Barn stuff. Just let me know if you want to hear.

    other than that, try re-selling your material on craigslist. it's worth a shot. I just sold a queen bed and mattress for $50 and the guy gave me $75 to deliver it. I came out ahead for an item that would have just sat in my garage or gone to Goodwill.

  3. I don't comment here much (time issues) but I am going to jump in and say that you can quilt. I am sure of it.

    I made an entire double bed quilt during the winter Olympics 4 years ago - start to finish. I just stiched while sitting in front of the TV every night. It was my first quilt and I am no genius with the sewing machine.

    I took it easy on myself and made a patchwork quilt although I have used patterns too and they aren't so bad unless you pick one with curves (don't do that to yourself on the first quilt). I just cut out different sized squares and rectangles and sewed them all together. Then I pinned the batting and backing together, stiched the ditches and bound it. It gets washed all the time and has held up just beautifully.

    Here is a picture. I also made the shams and the blanket you see on the end of the bed, which was also a quilt for a crib since we weren't sure how old our daughter would be(adoption). All that to say that you are a LOT handier with the needle than I am so if I can do it, you can too:).

  4. Isn't it a womens perogative to change her mind? I bought some really cute bedspreads from They were 19.99 a piece, had been much more in the store, and their were not shipping fee's or tax. I was thrilled with that deal, plus I didn't have to get out of my pj's to buy them. Good luck!

  5. You definitely have the right to change your mind! You haven't sewn anything yet, so it's not like you put the whole room together and THEN changed your mind.

    But you can do that too if you wanted.

    Why not just use their existing blankets (comforters, whatever) and sew new duvet covers?

    Lots of pictures, lots of explanation- you can do this!! I bookmarked them for future use too.

  6. Yes, Brenda, you can change your mind! Of course you can.

    I think the pink and green combination sounds very pretty.

    Now I'm going to take a quick peek at Tonya's quilt.

  7. Here's the deal.....(you guys are so full of good ideas!)Regular comforters and such won't really work b/c their current beds have a rail on one side that prevents you from tucking the comforter in on that side. Their loft beds will essentially have a rail all the way around. Comforters are just too big and bulky. That's why I wanted to just sew some that are the right size for tucking in all around.

    Rachel, I LOVE that bedding from PB. I've seen it before. And the handmade owls will be so cute. I kind of wanted to do that in their room but Sweetheart has had several dreams about owls that scared her last year and we may or may not have teased her by finding every owl picture/book/etc we could and showing them to her. :) I don't think she wants owls in her room. Darn!

    Tonya!!!!! You MADE that????? Gosh, you make it sound so easy. Hmmm....

    JulieMom, those tutorials are GREAT!!! I made a duvet cover once....that's what's on SH's bed right now. I really like the diagrams on those sites.

    OK--you've all got me thinking now. :)

  8. Oh! And I'll have to look into that! I never shopped there before.

  9. I just used the gift money we received for Christmas to completely redo our bed, so I've been spending a LOT of time researching great deals. is a GREAT place to look for bedding. The other two places I would recommend are Bed, Bath and Beyond (their clearance section is wonderful, but you have to be patient to get the best deals) and Ikea (if you're fortunate enough to live close to one, the children's bedding section is awesome, cheap and unique).


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