Sunday, January 3, 2010

Waking Up....

I didn't think I was ready.

But THEN, I pushed the furniture around in a new way.

And I replaced a burnt out light bulb.

And I opened the blinds.

And I wrote "Welcome Back to School" on the white board.

And it started to feel good.

I was reminded just now of a poem I used to have by Elspeth Campbell Murphy. She talked about the sound of the chalk writing on the chalkboard waking up her classroom after the long summer.

It felt like that today.

Because I didn't think I was ready, but then I started seeing the books and the stickers, and the new crayons (I replace their crayons mid-year), and the curriculum that has sat waiting for several weeks.....

....and I remembered how much I love teaching.

I'm still not actually ready, but suddenly I feel pretty good about starting back.


  1. I'm still not completely ready yet either, but you're right, it does feel good to get back to 'normal' for us. I'm so excited about this year! : )

  2. I love the fresh start! Our school gets a lil hit n miss in December on academics, although we do plenty crafts, baking, community service etc...(I call it our "character training" month ;^) Now we review what we've done so far this year and what we want to still accomplish, and of course, tweaking our schedule as needed.
    January is always our "fitness & nutrition" month. We fast the fast food ( a real challenge for us, admittedly *blush*)
    ...and I love my whiteboard! Fresh new writings on it tomorrow! yay!


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