Thursday, January 7, 2010


This room gets my attention. See the colors? See the quilt-y bedding? Only we want birds instead of frogs. Oh, I like these beds.

Also, I decided to make rag quilts for their bedspreads. (picture from this site) I've made rag quilts before so I know I can do them. I think they will be so cute with all different prints in green and pink! Some stripes, some flowers, some solids.....oh, it will be nice.

So I feel like at least I have some sort of direction now.

Just one more little question......if the rag quilts are made from flannel and are all patchwork-y (I've got to learn better suffixes) then what do I do with the curtains?

I'm ready for your suggestions. Really, this is OUR room re-do.


  1. How about using purchased panels in an appropriate color and adding a border along the bottom made from either a key fabric or pieced from several fabrics from the quilt?

  2. Yes Yes YES!! Those are perfect and adorable!! And I agree with Tammi, that you could quilt a strip for the bottom edge of your curtains and make the main part a plain fabric that matches.

    Do the windows have blinds or are you depending on the curtains for privacy? I was thinking for this idea that a valance would look good with the quilting at the bottom. It could match a row of the bedspread.

    I'm off to look for photos!

    Ohh...ohhh! Then you could make them tab top and use a different fabric from your quilt for each tab! That would be cute.

    Ok, check this out. Only the whole curtain would be plain and just the bottom quilted. Does that make any sense?


  4. Here's that link again:

    Those are SO cute JulieMom!!!! And Tami and Julie....there will be a dresser right under the window so the panels could just be plain and the valance have the quilt stuff on it. OK--these are really good ideas!!

  5. patchworkest?

    you could just do plain color curtains but at the top you could tie all the materials in the quilt to the curtian rod so they hang down some and it might be pretty??? Also I did a craft once for katy where I took a paint can (you can buy them clean and pretty) and did the material tied in knowts all on the handle (you push them together really, really tight) and it turned out really neat!

  6. Need some inspiration?


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