Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plate Spinning

School---math, history, phonics, spelling, writing, Bible, science (oh science, you've been slipping through the cracks badly), etc.

Bible--2 days behind on reading. Gotta get caught up.

Supper---Ok that's taken care of tonight. We're having a pot luck at church. Gotta make rice and a cake this afternoon.

Kitchen--still not 100% clean. Gotta clean that before I can cook.

Laundry--ug. Still wet and in the dryer from....was it yesterday? Gotta fix that.

Book Club--1:00. Get your teeth brushed everyone. Find your shoes. YES, it's almost time to go!!! Where's my notebook?

Sewing--ack. There sits that skirt. I still haven't put elastic in it. I need to sit down and think about these lessons. I need to write stuff down. I need to finish those aprons.

The plates (and the list) go on and on and on and on........

What plates are you spinning today?


  1. Plates spinning today:

    -Repairmen in the kitchen to cut out the drywall damaged by ANOTHER leak (yeah)- check

    -Story time at the library- check

    -Make homeamde granola bars- in progress thanks to one of my big girls

    -Take daughter to piano lessons- in 20 minutes

    -Wash, dry, and FOLD towels- in progress

    -Salisbury steak for dinner- haven't started yet

    Right now two of my big girls are in the back yard pushing the two little ones on the swing so I really need to take better advantage of these 20 minutes and fold towels.

    Happy Wednesday, Brenda!

    Did you notice you made my delicious links list this week?

  2. My plates:

    - school (all done)
    - laundry (nothing new)
    - pile of stuff by the computer needing to be filed, researched, phoned, etc. Sounds minor but this is a BIG pile.
    - feed baby :)
    - make decision on dinner: cook new dish or serve leftovers?
    - clean bathrooms
    - mop? (not at all my favorite chore.)
    - everything else I have forgotten. :)

    Good luck with your list, Brenda!

  3. Hmmm....well let's see:

    School-semi done
    Dinner-friends house tonight!! Bingo!
    Shower-should be doing that right now
    HUGE birthday party to get ready for on Saturday...about 30-40 people in my tiny little itty bitty home.....and it's been raining all pretty sure we're not going to be able to take advantage of my yard! Agh! So, we've been making tissue paper peonies, grocery lists, menu, and trying to figure out where we are going to put all these people...well, kids really! I didn't know my little 5 year old had so many friends....and i didn't dream they would all accept to the party!!:) And did I mention my house is one atrocious mess....well, if I didn't...IT IS!:) But that's ok....cast your cares on HIM for He cares for you, right?!! Hope you're list gets shorter for ya!! Have a great Wednesday!

  4. you know what? i just needed to read that there are other moms besides me that are going through this and not quite getting everything done! thanks for the encouragement :)

  5. Trying desperately to save laptop after crash- Not nearly accomplished.

    Pricing items to sell when we leave- Given to the hubby

    Looking at material and deciding whether to sew today or not- still unsure

    Dinner date with the Prince!!- Can't wait!!

    School- kids got themselves up and dressed today, and started school before I was out of bed. Before 6AM....I think they may all be delirious.

    Hoping they don't all come down with the crazies...

  6. Oh, be encouraged. Be VERY encouraged!!! :)

    JulieMom, I would be very wary if my kids did that. That would pretty much freak me out. BUT, I would like for them to be that excited to start school!!!

  7. LOL, Brenda. I didn't even think of it that they may have done something naughty! I'll have to give the house a once-over now...

    But this must be make-up for yesterday, which was a day I'd rather forget. The attitudes were not so nice...mine included. So for now, this is a welcome change!!

    I'll let you know if I find anything out of the

  8. Science - I'm so into science right now. We're pickin' up your slack there - Usborne is rockin' the Parker house. As for all the other dishes - I don't even wanna talk about 'em after this day. Too tired!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)