Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shh! While Bee is Sleeping...

...I thought I'd sneak on here!

I miss blogging so much!

Plus also I need to post at least twice in November.

So sad.

But let's just act like old friends and pick up where we left off like nothing ever happened, OK?


There are 2 1/2 more weeks until Christmas break from school. I can't wait. But knowing we have such a short amount of time is helping me be really firm in my commitment to get 'er done. Whining? No. Pleading? Don't hear you. Get busy minions!

Mama would like to NOT still be finishing this school year in July.

We went out of town for Thanksgiving to see some of the husband's family that we haven't seen in forever and when we got there...they weren't home. Yep. We had what you might call a little glitch in our communication. But it was OK, we went to a restaurant for Thanksgiving, which was a first for me. Boy, do a lot of people eat out on Thanksgiving!

But it was delicious. And I did not spend hours in the kitchen.

Poor Sweetheart was sick while we were out of town. She had a cough--and it was just viral--but she ran fever every other day for almost a week. Speaking of weak, she was. Her little skinny body just can't handle fighting a sickness that long. She lost about 5 pounds which officially put her under 90 pounds. So we didn't do too much. A lot of relaxing in the hotel--some sightseeing. It was nice and we had fun. She finally got over the illness exactly 2 weeks after it first started.

Then she got hives. That's this week's ailment.

Bee seemed to enjoy her first Thanksgiving. She was listening to the waiter here.

She had sweet potatoes, some pumpkin pie, and table.

And now (brace yourself)...let's get caught up with the Family Revised in 1 minute or less. (I mean, I really don't know how fast you read, but still.)

Little Bit turned 9. Had American Girl Birthday (red stars). Got long awaited Molly doll.

Sweetheart went to a "tacky mini-golf" birthday party for Kate.

And Bee was cute and turned 6 months old.

Was that one minute?

And just because I want to remember it: We had just family over for Little Bit's party this year. So, I asked her what she wanted to eat for her birthday.

Cole slaw.

What kid asks for cole slaw for their birthday lunch? So we thought, "brisket goes with cole slaw." Well, S didn't have time to do that and someone told me HEB sells precooked briskets. Awesome!

Then I got there. And I saw the price.

And this is what our brisket turned into in a hurry:

Hope you all had a great November.

Hope someone is going to read this.

Hope to blog more next month.

It shouldn't be hard to beat TWO posts.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In November...

We are getting ready for Little Bit's 9th birthday this week! I can't believe she's going to be 9! We're just having a family party this year as she has had big friend parties for 2 years now. Family, and hopefully a trip to somewhere she has been waiting and waiting to go!

We are also trying to make plans for Thanksgiving. S and I LOVE Thanksgiving. It's the least stressful of all the holidays. You just go somewhere (or stay home) and EAT. Easy and simple! But our extended family never seems to know what they are going to do until right before. Trying to be proactive this year and make a plan.

My Dad has begun his chemo again. This time he's in a medical trial and recieving both a shot and a pill. The only real side effect so far has been some pretty bad mouth sores. I've made applesauce and pinto beans for him. They are better now and I'm thankful he feels so good still.

Other than that stuff, we just plug along each day doing school. We never get everything done, but we get a lot done each day. At some point in the day I just call it. "We're done!" You can only work so much.
Especially with all the help we get.

This precious little girl is such a joy. She learned to sit up last week. Just. Like. That. In one day. The other girls worked for weeks to learn that. She just up and did it.

She is such a distraction and everything she does is cute. In speaking of the recent (at the time, upcoming) elections, we had to discuss abortion at our house. Yes, my kids are sheltered. I told them, very basically and without a lot of detail, what abortion meant. They were horrified. Horrified! Little Bit marched right over to where Baby Bee was sitting and hugged her. "How could someone do that to a little baby?" She was indignant. I told them I didn't know....I had wanted all of them so badly I could hardly stand it. Later Little Bit asked, "But Mommy, what if the baby is born cute?" Exactly. How do you explain the sin in this world that allows abortion to be normal.

Thankful for my blessings. Even if I am 41 and tired most of the time.