Friday, July 24, 2009

Diary of a Room Makeover: The Important Stuff

July 24, 2009
How long have I been talking about redoing this room.....6 months? Oh well. Here's the update: I found fabric for the bedspreads.

The whole make-over depends on the fabric and this doesn't look anything like what I originally pictured and yet we all like it.

The girls wanted green (Sweetheart) and blue (Little Bit). I think they had in mind light spring-y green and royal blue, but when we found this fabric, they both said they liked it. And it has the dots/circles I wanted. Check that off.

Now, the way sister and I designed the bedspreads was to use trim of a different color around the edges to make it long enough to tuck in all around the bed. Oh, I should mention that loft beds are in the distant future. Like maybe, Pluto distant. And we unbunked the beds. But still there is an edge all around to tuck the bedspread in so that is what I plan on them doing.

Sweetheart's will be trimmed in the olive fabric and Little Bit's in the turquoise. (Didn't I just paint over turquoise walls?) And yes, sister made me another stellar "pattern" for making the bedspreads.

Anyway, it was VERY HARD finding the right paint color! Lowe's did not let me down though and I found the perfect color. It is called Homestead Resort Moss. The darkest color on the paint chip was La Fonda Deep Olive and it perfectly matches the olive in the dotty fabric. So, I went 2 shades lighter. I love it! It looks very sophisticated. This color will not be outgrown. It's not "little girly."

Unfortunately, it required 2 coats. But it was so beautiful when we got done!

So, the next step is putting the room back together so the girls can sleep. I had to take the closet door off there to shove a dresser in the closet. The other dresser is in the hall and so far only 2 people have walked into it.

So let's check off my goals, shall we?

1. Pick out fabric for the bedding.

2. Sew curtains.

3. Sew the bedspreads.

4. Paint the inside of the closet. That would be in the play room now.

5. Sew/find pillows for the beds.

It seems pretty clear to me that lots of sewing is in my future.

And now I think you can take a long break before you see one of these updates again.


  1. I have so enjoyed your room makeover, Brenda!

  2. Way to go! I am sure you are glad the painting is out of the way!

    And actually, I don't mind seeing these updates! They are fun!

  3. I can't wait to see it after it's all done!

  4. It's looking nice! You are doing a good job!



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