Sunday, January 24, 2010

When You Have a Bit of Solitude..... seems you can accomplish things. Saturday my parents unexpectedly took my girls to Sister's house. It was a last minute decision and as they rushed out the door and S off to the golf course....I found myself alone.

All alone in the house. As in, no other people around.

It was weird. I talked to myself a bit.

And I wandered around for a good 15 minutes before I decided what to DO with that time.

I finally reached the conclusion that I had plenty of projects to work on and also everything I needed to complete said projects. What I had been lacking was solitude. And the absence of interruption.

So, I tell you all that so you won't see my accomplishments and think, "Man, I wish I could get that much done!" It is ONLY because I was alone, people. On a normal day, I accomplish things like getting dressed and feeding everyone. Saturday was different.

I already showed you my cheap wall art I made.

I also sewed a skirt. Actually, I started this on Friday night. This one is Sweetheart's in spite of the hanger that indicates size 5. She's a bit on the skinny side like I used to be. I got over it.
I made a matching one of those for Little Bit. Anyone recognize the fabric?????

I also whipped up these curtains for my mom's dining room. The panels came from my aunt and they match my mom's newly painted (OK it was last year) dining room AND her living room curtains perfectly. I sewed the fabric at the top. It matches the valance I made for her kitchen last year.
And I have a plan for one more project for the girls' room. But everyone came back home and my solitude was over.

Oh well. It made me remember how much I like doing projects. I have many more plans for skirts and my mom is digging around in her fabric collection for pieces I could use. Like this one:

I have 2 plans for this fabric, actually. Can you guess what I'm going to make with that cute stuff?

Also, about those rag quilts I am going to make for the girls. I decided to quit being a flannel snob and trying to get all this matchy-matchy flannel for the quilts. My mom had some scraps of light blue and pink and I took them by golly! As long as the quilts have pink and green mostly, what's a few other colors thrown in? That's what quilts are all about, right? Besides, it'll make each girl's quit unique. So, I am now accepting flannel fabric donations. Any color. I'm not a flannel snob.


  1. My goodness what a busy little bee you have been!
    Good for you on getting some of your things accomplished!

  2. You got so much done!!! I love the skirt!

  3. Good for you! On the rare occassion that I am home alone, I go into a complete zombie state. I mean, I REALLY don't know how to function normally without the tornadoes revolving around me. I wander around dazed and confused. It makes no sense, I know. :-P

  4. I'm gonna send this post to someone, anyone I know in real life as a hint drop. :)

    And, Melissa, you make PERFECT sense! :)

  5. Melissa, I agree with Karly. I understand perfectly. I did just that for 15 or 20 minutes before I decided I'd better snap out of it before I wasted all my time!!!!

  6. Great job!! Love the bedroom fabric re-vamp into a skirt! It looks very cute. Is that the Lazy Day Skirt pattern? Love it!! And the apple fabric has me all jealous. Wish I had some flannel to bribe you with to trade...

  7. Yeah! I'm glad someone recognized the fabric! :) Yes, that is the Lazy Day skirt pattern and it was really simple. But I didn't use ribbon on the edge. I used fabric and basically made a big 'ol seam binding out of it.

    That apple fabric is the bomb. I hope I have enough for what I want to make.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)