Monday, January 25, 2010

House Sounds

The house was silent in the few hours before dawn. Then, the alarm clock pierced the silence. Toilets flushing, hangers rattling, shoes scuffing, refrigerator slamming, baby burping, diaper bag zipping, door slamming, car leaving.....

....and silence. For 10 hours.

And then, the noise would return as the family drug in at the end of the day. And the happy sounds of family living in the house would return for a few hours before bedtime.

But OH those 10 hours of silence.

And 11:00 in the morning.....the dryer spins, the iron hisses, the children laugh, the footsteps are everywhere, the back door opens and closes, the books shut, the pencil sharpener hums, the toilets flush, the scissors cut, the pantry squeaks, the mailman comes, the keyboard clicks, the phone rings, and the house.... very, very happy.


  1. Wonderful post, Brenda. I really liked this one.

  2. That would be Sweetheart when she was a baby. PAST tense. :)

  3. Beautiful, Brenda. I like happy house noises, too. Except when I'm trying to insure a nap for The Baby. :)

  4. This made me smile... then think, if noise makes a house happy, mine is ECSTATIC!

  5. Yes, this was a neat post. Thanks for sharing it! I have to remember that noise= happy filled house. Sometimes I forget. :0)


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