Friday, January 8, 2010

Our New Year Party

We hung decorations high....

and a bit lower....
We got activity bags ready to open each hour of the evening. The first one contained some materials for painting. The next one had stickers to put on some new 2010 calendars. (We marked every one's birthdays.) Also some special necklaces.
The last one contained bubbles and an empty bottle to make noisemakers out of.
They painted a few papers and Sister and I cut letters out of them to spell HAPPY NEW YEAR. Then we took their pictures holding up each letter. When all the pictures get put together it will make a really cute scrapbook page for Sister. Whatever we can do to further her scrapbooking!
They had fun.
We also had snack time. I made cookies with royal icing per JulieMom's tutorial. The cookies were NOT pretty, but they were DELICIOUS! The royal icing part actually worked out really well, it was the black gel writer that was hard to deal with. And I got a little sloppy towards the end. But no one complained and they were eaten.

THESE little girls were EASY to put to bed.

THESE took a bit more effort!

Happy New Year nearly 2 weeks late, everyone!


  1. I love that Little Bit has her dino! How cute!

  2. Yes, the older 2 slept with these sweet little bears they bought at a garage sale a few months ago and the younger ones with 1. a dinosaur and 2. a gecko.

    Not sure what we did differently on those last 2! :)

  3. Sweet! So glad the cookies turned out well. I love the black and white together!

    And they are all so cute in the jammies.


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