Monday, April 11, 2011

When Life Hands You Lemons

Not 5 minutes after I posted on Facebook that I had nowhere to go today...I noticed S left his work phone at home. I called him on his personal phone to tell him.

"I did?" he said.
"Yes," I answered.
"But I do have the holder right here on my belt."

Good for you dear.'s Monday.

But other than that, we don't have anywhere to be today. That won't happen again until Friday so I plan to enjoy it. My biggest (well, oldest) sister let us borrow Voyage of the Dawn Treader so the girls are very excited to get to watch that after school. We've been waiting a long time to see it.

And now I'd like to tell you about our restaurant experience yesterday. My dad took us all out to eat after church. We all ordered water. The waiter came out with waters for all the adults with 3 lemon wedges in each glass. That was a lot of lemon, folks. We all just sort of shook our heads as we removed lemon after lemon from our glasses so we could, you know, fit a straw in there. Lemons littered the table.

But he had not brought waters for the girls. Why? So we reminded him we needed one kid's water and a regular water. A few minutes later he appeared with a lidded cup for Little Bit and a glass of water for Sweetheart with SIX LEMON WEDGES IN IT! Yes! SIX. Water was dribbling over the sides of the glass as he handed it to me and I guess they don't study water displacement in school these days.

It was very strange.

Then Little Bit had to go to the bathroom. Of course. As I waited for her, I noticed a sign on the wall of the bathroom. It's nice when restaurants take the time to decorate their bathroom and hang decorative stuff on the walls, don't you think? This was a cute little sign with a picture of a chef on it. It said "BISTRO."

Hmm. So I'm wondering if the schools are teaching vocabulary? Or the ability to look up a word? Because generally speaking, a bistro is NOT a bathroom.

But I cannot concern myself with the staff of the restaurant, today I must educate my own offspring. So they don't grow up like that.

It's one of my new goals.

Little Bit got birds last week. Meet Jacob and Esau, the zebra finches. They are adorable.


  1. Cute birds! I had them when I was growing up.
    Strange experience indeed all those lemons!

  2. I would have had a cow, although I would have asked for it without lemon-- I am opposed to lemon in drinks. :)

    arent you glad we have the opportunity to teach our children about vocabulary and water displacement.

    of course I am still dealing with my 12 year saying LIBERRY. I keep telling her it is library! So sometimes I dont feel I am doing my job up to par!

  3. We had finches when I was a kid too.

    We had the opposite problem with lemons yesterday. There were 6 of us who asked for water with lemon. She brought out all our waters with no lemon. When she came back with lemons she brought us a bowl with 3 lemon slices in it--for 6 people!

  4. crack me up. i'm a lemon girl. ;) awwww... cute birds.

    yep, we're planning to be there tomorrow.


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