Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sensible Organizing

I worked on the laundry room cabinets yesterday. Here is the finished product of the cabinets by the garage door. 
Baby linens on top that I can't stand to get rid of, holiday stuff on the bottom.
 It makes more sense to have all the holiday stuff here rather than half of it above the washer and dryer (?) and half of it in the sewing room closet. Odd choices. This is better.

And I was just going to show you the beautiful cabinet, but OK I'll pan out:

Haven't tackled the counter top or those bottom cabinets yet.
(Entrance to garage is just to the left. This is a "pass through" room.)
The other side of the room--cabinets above the washer and dryer. Haven't finished yet. Laundry supplies and shop rags are going to go in here. Other than that, I'm not sure. Those top cabinets are really high so it needs to be something I don't use often.

I found a lot of curtains and a builder grade bathroom light fixture that came with the house (still in the box). Also I moved all the games and puzzles to the homeschool room where they are sitting in the floor in sacks.

Now, if you go around the corner from the laundry room, you are in our dining room. And we have this cabinet that belonged to S's great grandmother.

 Our china is in there. But there is a drawer that now houses our dish towels and cloth napkins, etc.
 And underneath is our big platters and tablecloths. Doesn't that make SO much more sense than storing all those in the laundry room, which is where they used to be??? (The linens, I mean. The platters were always here.)

Sensible organizing. Making life easier!

And this morning while laying in bed between alarms, I realized something. The blogs I read a lot....I have a picture in my head of their floor plan. I have no idea what these person's houses look like because some of them actually don't even share pictures on their blog but regardless, my crazy brain has created a floor plan in my mind. Isn't that weird?

Someone else tell me you do that.


  1. Um there are these cool boxes at the store called rubbermaid containers, they are sturdy and have lids--- put your holiday stuff in that in the garage or attic! Your wasting valuable space!!

    Otherwise--- congratulations you are on the road again, just couldnt wait for you to be on the road again, the life I love is making sensible organization again, and I can't wait to get on the road again.

  2. Carrie, did you sleep much last night? I think the paint fumes are getting to you.....Willie Nelson????? really?

    This is the holiday stuff that I want to have access to without waiting on S to have time to go up in the attic. He doesn't like going up in the attic. This is the little stuff I put on my mantle, etc. And the garage? nope. No room. However, since I still have empty shelves in the laundry room I guess it is not taking up valuable space.

  3. no I did not sleep much. But I love me some Willie!

    no room in the garage? When is that getting cleaned out or is that hubbies territory?

    I was thinking you were moving the art stuff there but then I remembered you were putting it behind the closet door.

  4. Dislike Willie.
    The garage is husband's territory but there is mainly not room because there is a car and a big mowing trailer in there. The art stuff is going to go in those bottom cabinets in the laundry room where they can reach. The upper cabinets are VERY high.

  5. OK so.....I guess I'm the only one who pictures floor plans in my head? shoot.

  6. Had to chuckle about the picturing each other's floor plans. I've been toying with the idea of hosting an 'open house' blog hop, where bloggers post photos of the various rooms/spaces in their homes. Hmm . . . will have to get on this!

  7. Yes. I know exactly what your house looks like, according to the floor plan of your house in my head, that is. :) I do this, too!

    It's like reading a book then seeing a movie. The movie is totally different than what you'd imagined. :)


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