Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mid-Day at Our House and School Lunch

We have accomplished Bible, History and Science today. I'll face facts, that's probably all we'll get done today. Those are the things we do together and the things I consider when deciding when our year is "through."

Because let's face it, the girls could ALWAYS work on math. That will never be over.

But the reason I'm calling it quits already is because we have a science class to attend today. That's school too, but it will take the place of some other subjects today.

S is getting off work early to go to the eye doctor. Finally! He was diagnosed with diabetes last summer but it wasn't worth going to the eye doctor back then because his eyes were literally changing every week. The doctor said the eyes were the last place for sugar to leave. He's been surviving on Walgreens glasses. I'm glad he's going since diabetes can cause so many problems with the eyes, although I suspect he just needs glasses for now.

Anyway, because he's getting off work early today, I feel the need to pick up around here--a task I usually reserve for later in the afternoon.

So, lunch will come early today and our whole routine is thrown off. But it is BEAUTIFUL outside and I am so thankful that it's not hot enough to have to keep the curtains closed yet. I dislike that about summer. Also, we aren't having to worry about keeping the rabbits alive in the heat yet. Spring is pure bliss.

Now, after my rant on school lunches yesterday on Facebook, in which I was very linky, I am going to serve my children a highly nutritious lunch.

Here's the links if you are interested:

Parents not allowed to send lunch
Go to the 2010 archives of this site to see what real school lunches look like.
Go here to see what parents are capable of. I know they don't all do it. But they should have the right to.

And having said all of that, 10 years ago I would have probably thought school should reserve this right. After all, we know better than parents. That attitude is VERY prevalent in public schools. I remember.

By the way, we're having hot dogs. (Nitrate free hot dogs on whole wheat buns with organic ketchup and fruit on the side, thank you.)


  1. Sounds like a good school day to me :) Lunch sounds tasty too! I read that article earlier and I find the whole thing ridiculous!

    Have fun at science and enjoy today's beautiful Texas weather! It's high 70's over here in the Lakes and Prairies region.

  2. you're such a good blogger. "science class" is all we accomplished today. my tummy is always in knots making that drive. i'm not a big city girl, you know. ;)

    you have me thinking of our history... wouldn't you know that this is the first year we finally decided to try story of the world. i'd love to read those links if you don't mind sharing?? hmama02@gmail.com

  3. H-Mama---here is one link (that contains other)

  4. The other info was in an e-mail. I sent it to you....


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