Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Frugal Bug

Has bit me again! I know, frugal is not something you DO, it's something you ARE. But, there are times when more frugality is called for and times when you can let up a little. Actually, I guess anyone who is homeschooling could be considered frugal since no matter what, you are sacrificing to have one parent at home. (AND pay taxes for your local schools AND purchase all your own school stuff as well. Ahem.)

Financially we've been in upheaval for about 6 months. It's been good--we payed off a lot of debt. And things have changed--we've added a car payment. The end result is I never really know how much we're going to end up with or how much I should set aside. For six months each month has been entirely different from the previous month. I'm not complaining....just saying that things have been different.
Frugal Tip #1: Have whole family help with side business for extra money! :)
(Little Bit helping Daddy with his mowing job.)

This morning I read Connie's news over at Smockity Frocks about her husband being laid off. I know they are not the first family, or the first homeschooling family to undergo such a trial. Far from it. But their plan of action was wonderful and very inspiring. Reading it made me start thinking about frugal again.

It also started me thinking about getting a clothes line and putting ads in my sidebar. I know some people are very opposed to ads on blogs, but when you read her post you'll understand why I'm willing to try it for a time! (would anyone stop reading if I did?)

Frugal Tip #2: Don't waste paper! Do spelling on the closet doors.
Summer is definitely the time for frugality. We just invested in a backyard pool. The kind they sell at Walmart and Target. We had the money to do it. We are very blessed. (So we don't have groceries this week? Big deal. We have a pool. Just kidding.) (Kind of.) Anyway, one reason we decided to do it is because to not have a pool (like last year when we were trying to save money) means driving to public pools. And swimming is really the only outdoor thing you can do where I live in the summer. Without dying of heat stroke. And driving when gas is this high is not smart. Especially when getting in the car to go swimming is invariably going to end up in "well, let's just stop in here or there" to shop or run through the drive through to get a drink, etc. Staying home is the best frugal move to make in the summer for us.

And since we'll need to save money this summer to buy the curriculum I want next year, we don't need to run around to this fun spot and that fun spot all summer. And with our pool, maybe we won't need to.

Spending money to save money. Not sure it makes sense.

Frugal Tip #3: Homemade play dough! Cheap, better, and lasts forever.
(Little Bit acting out the Bible story with play dough.)

But I can be more frugal than that! Oh yes I can! And since summer is the perfect time for us to all buckle down (hello electric bill and gas prices!), maybe we can encourage each other? Share our frugal tips? Should we linky? What do you think?
Sweetheart not doing a blessed thing to help our family save money, but I had to include her cute self in the post anyway. Wait! She's wearing a shirt Carrie got her from the thrift store! Way to go Sweetheart!


  1. I love being frugal! And I won't stop reading if you put ads on your blog! And i wish I had mirror closet doors, that's a good idea! :)

    (And, I say this hesitantly, but one frugal tip? Couponing! I just started in March. I have saved hundreds of dollars and have bought twice the stuff. Not in a hoarding sort of way, but in a stockpile-ready-for-a-low-money-month sort of way. Seriously? We can drop our food/toiletries/paper goods/cleaning/diaper budget by for sure $100 a month, quite possibly $200.)

  2. Ads won't bother me, Brenda! Go for it.

    And spending a little money to save a lot of money makes excellent sense. It's called long-term thinking :).

  3. Dear Brenda,

    I won't stop reading!

    You might already know that I am a blog monetization and advertising consultant. I would love to show you the ropes for FREE because I enjoy your blog, would love to help and glad that you are one of The Homeschool Corner (www.thehomeschoolcorner.blogspot.com)contributors! If you are interested, private message me at Facebook!

    Many blessings...

  4. Karly, I have never couponed but I know it can be amazing. Hmm. Why don't you write a little tutorial for beginners and put it on your blog??? :)

    Megan, "Long term thinking" I like that!!!!

    Mrs. June, I messaged you!

  5. Brenda I will NOT stop reading.. you and all the other bloggers out there Do what Ya gotta do!

    we are in the same boat! Well, we dont own a boat--- that wouldnt be frugal, but we are in the same situation! But it isnt a cant afford milk kindof frugal... it is more if we wanna do "x" we gotta not do "y"! There is just more of the LESS "Y" than there used to be!

    coupons are good-- not always great for organic but it is getting better! Remember price matching-- for instance at the dreaded Walmart if you bring in all the ads from the other stores you can get those prices without running from store to store.

    Also if you want to hit Costco or Sams with me one day we can! Bulk baby-- Costco has a ton of oganics too!

  6. sponsors have contacted me regarding advertising on my blog, but i'm just not sure how to go about it. the extra income would come in handy when paying our lawn help. mama can't do that, too, you know? ;) however, i 'do' love a good thrift store for lil' girl clothes... especially denim! yay for you having a pool!


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