Monday, April 4, 2011

The Best Thing About Vacation

Our family didn't take a fancy vacation this year. We didn't go anywhere glamorous or popular.

We took our own food. We washed our dishes while we were gone. We slept on the ground. (Well, OK. On air mattresses.)

But I'm here to tell wouldn't have mattered where we went....because that's not the best part about vacation.

Neither was this. (Although it sure was nice!)

Or this.

Or even this!

Even though our trip was fun, the best part about having Daddy home for 6 days was this:

This picture was taken when we got home. Yesterday, to be exact. Daddy was doing yard work all day and the girls kept helping him. Little Bit especially spent a lot of time helping Daddy yesterday. Why is that a big deal?

It's a small change, but one that was not lost on me. Most of the time when S and I are in the same room, the girls ask ME quetsions. They even ask me questions ABOUT S.
"Mom, does Dad have a meeting today?" (Uh...he's sitting right there. Why don't you ask him?)

He's gone a lot becuase, like most homeschool dads, he works a lot. He is an excellent provider and a hard worker. But after 6 days of having Daddy home, I notice a difference in their relationship with him. They've been talking to him a lot more and choosing to spend time with him.

And that is the BEST thing about vacation. Hands down.


  1. I love it! So true. Isnt it hard when we are with them 100% of the time.... my kids do the SAME thing.... he can be sitting right there! I am like, um go ask your DAD!

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful time as a family.

  3. I find the same thing. Love it when my man is home for an extended amount of time and he can connect with the kids. I know he loves it too:) Looks like a fun trip.


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