Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have had the ironing board and pile of clothes to be ironed in the living room all week. There is not room for this in our living room, nor is it lovely. Maybe today will be the magical day I actually iron?

Today we are buying a bird for Little Bit. Well, 2 birds actually. She has wanted a bird for ever so long and we bought the cage over the weekend. Now to fill it. S told me to hurry up and get the birds because her tics have been bad. She's excited about the birds so her tics go crazy. Perhaps if we get the birds today, her tics can settle down?

I planned an ambitious end to our school year wherein we do every subject nearly every day. (What a concept!) But mixed in there are all the regular end-of-year interruptions like field trips and homeschool events and testing (the girls aren't testing but I'm helping administer) and a day at the zoo with Grandma and Grandpa. It's OK....spring is full of fun!

I have a green light and a budget and a time frame for purchasing next year's curriculum. And now I'm sick of thinking about it. Just knowing when I'll be ordering is enough to make me relax and think about something else. (Like maybe...ironing?)

We didn't go anywhere Monday or Tuesday so yesterday's errands were a welcome change of pace. I really like scheduling all (or most) of the errands for one day. It makes the other days more productive too. Fridays I like to use for cleaning so we don't have to do it on Saturdays. Anyone else clean on Fridays?

It's time to get the girls up and moving. I've already made my to-do list for the day so I'm ready to roll. I'll let you know how the birds and ironing work out.....
Got a new free rug last week and vacuumed it in the driveway. Just like a proper redneck.


  1. Can't wait to see pictures of the birds :)

    Have fun with all your curriculum shopping, it is one of my favorite things to do!

  2. Just like a proper redneck- ha! That was funny!

    Good luck with that ironing. I actually like ironing, when I get around to doing it, and I love the sense of accomplishment I feel when it's all done. Hmmm. Maybe I should iron too. :)

    So, I'm liking that space in Little Bit's mouth. Isn't it fun when they lose teeth? :)

  3. I didn't know that was redneck, I just thought NOT vacuuming a used-and-possibly-a-little-dirty area rug outside was common sense! :)

  4. I like errands on one day! Our monday passed and on tuesday evening the kids said WE DIDNT DO DONUT MONDAY! alas I didnt go do errnads on Monday-- so I told them we would do it on friday!

    We are kicking it at school too. I am not quite as ready to order school stuff as you, but I will be hitting that particular problem VERY soon--- of course my order includes 300 dollars for IEW--- YUCK! I want it but I sure hate to shell out all that dough-- at least I know it will be used by 4 plus kids!

    We are entertaining thoughts of a dog. I know we are stupid-- we have lasted this long why go there but it is truly my childrens passion in life! We are thinking for Easter?


    Good luck with the ironing! I have a few things I need to iron.

  5. dogs and cats are more my speed. i was not raised with taking care of birds, so we didn't go that route... even though nator loves birds. she also loves cats, so that could be a problem. ;) keep us posted on the birds.

    we've got to try the frozen yogurt! gracie asks every time we drive by. we'll stop one day.

    we didn't go on the field trip today... mostly because mom wanted to stay in most of the day. ;)

    and cleaning? what is this thing you call cleaning? ha.

  6. Sweetheart only asked 4 times if Nator was going to be there today! I told her we would see each other next week @ science class.


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