Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So I Missed Something Important

Last month to be exact. No, I didn't miss the whole month, but I missed my blogiversary! Last month marked FOUR YEARS that I've been typing my thoughts and feelings to total strangers on the world wide web.

See, husband used to have a blog when he was the youth minister and I kept having ideas for posts so I would "guest author." I was also the church secretary and when someone wouldn't turn in their article for the worship program, I supplied one easily.

Finally, S told me to quit hacking other people's things and get my own blog. I thought that was a silly idea. What would I talk about?


I started out just telling about all the changes God was making to our family. He still is, by the way. But somewhere along the way, I found I had become a homeschooling blog. And I get more hits for homemaking posts than anything else, which clearly indicates that a reader is new here.

You know that my blog is still sort of secret in my real life. A few folks I know in real life know about my blog. A few have stumbled on it. I suppose that part about the world wide web had something to do with that, huh? What can I say? I live on the street I grew up on and have gone to the same church for 40 years. It's NICE having a different audience to talk to, you know?

I ramble on about all kinds of things and you kind people read and comment and lurk and I love it. I can't imagine not blogging. But I do wonder....why DO you come here?

What do you like to hear me talk about? Homeschooling? Homemaking? My family? What kind of posts do you like the most? Do you have a favorite? Do you feel like you know me? DO you know me??? :)

Come on...I've shared four years of my life with you! Tell me why you keep coming back. Or maybe there is something you've been wanting to tell me for a long time such as "get a professional profile picture done woman!" You can tell me that now.

After all, what are completely made up holidays like "blogiversaries" for, if not that?


  1. Happy bloggaversary!

    I I like home school post- would LOVE to see some more daily what I do in school. I LOVE your "thinking" posts and I love your sarcastic, witty posts. I love your "teacher- I'm gonna share some knowledge with you folks- posts!

    I DO think you should CHANGE THE PICTURE to the kitchen revised to showcase your new cabinets!

    Other wise I follow you because I LIKE you!

  2. I homeschool and like to read about how other moms are doing things. We are a Christian family too...and imagine my surprise after reading for a few weeks when you posted something about your dd and tics. My 7 year old son has Tourette's. We have a lot in common. So now I check every couple of days. I don't remember how exactly I came across your blog but I think God wanted me to find it.

  3. Happy Blogiversary, Brenda! Four years, wow!! Time flies!

    I can't really remember how I found you, but I loved what you had to say the moment I started reading. There are very few blogs I have read that long-- yours is one of the very few, ha, maybe the only one! A lot of your thoughts are my thoughts, and I love reading about how God has revised your family-- and continues to do so. And yes, I DO know you, :) At least "my blogging friend Brenda in Texas". ;)

  4. Yeah, it is weird...I almost feel like I know you too! :) I like reading about your family, homeschooling, your organic vegetable soup with hormone laced beef - HA! - just about everything except re-organizing your furniture - something I never do! :) Enjoy your blogiversary! Such a milestone! :P

  5. I suppose I like to come because of your honesty and openness about normal family struggles. You are not preachy or judgmental or pretending to be the perfect Stepford wife. Nice!

  6. I *heart* that you Keep It Real. ;^)
    Striving to always do better, but not expecting perfection... That's what I like about you.

  7. Wow! 4 years....I think I've been following for about 2 years...and I can't remember how I found you. Oh wait...I found you from A Wise Woman Builds Her Home, I think. Anyway...I've been so blessed by this blog and your sharing on how God is changing you and shaping you and stretching you. You were leaps and bounds ahead of me in your homeschooling, so you have helped me out in that too! I love your honesty and witty writing. I don't know....you are real, you are you, and striving to be a better you, with God's help. This blog is a breath of fresh air...and I love it! Thanks so much for sharing everything you do!!!

    Happy Blogiversary!!!


  8. You blog about what ever is on your heart or mind at the moment. I say don't change a thing ;)

  9. I haven't been following for nearly that long, so I don't know you very well, but I always read new post from you! I really enjoy your humor and your "realness." Happy Blogiversary!

  10. Brenda,

    I read your blog because you are someone I can totally relate to. You are someone that I could totally be friends with in "real" life. I love how honest you are about your daily struggles with keeping the home and homeschooling. They are things that I deal with too. The best part is that you are always optimistic no matter what is going on and I love that you can keep your sense of humor through it all!

    Don't change anything...well, unless you DO want to do a new profile pic. ;-)

    Happy Belated Blogiversary!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)