Monday, April 25, 2011


It's the Monday after a long weekend. We've GOT to get back to school. The homeschool room didn't get picked up this weekend like I wanted so we face a mess this morning. At least a 15 minute delay in getting started on work.

We need groceries in a bad way so I HAVE to go to the store today. I don't even have a list made yet and this needs to be a really frugal trip.

We set up the pool this weekend and the water is not quite right and I'm stressed about it because it's always so hard to get the water right. I NEED to take a sample to the pool store and see what needs to be done today so S can do it this evening when he gets home.

We also NEED some stuff from the dollar store. Gotta find time to run by there today.

Dad is still in the hospital so we WANT to go visit him this morning. He's so bored laying there.

So how do I fit in picking up, schooling, grocery shopping, pool maintenance, the dollar store and a hospital visit without losing my mind?

By figuring out what matters most. So here goes....

1. Dad is the most important thing on that list, but we don't have to get there first thing this morning. We can visit him after school. He's not going anywhere.

2. I'll get school out of the way first because there is no benefit of going to the pool store right away this morning as S can't help me fix anything until tonight.

3. We can swing by the grocery store and the pool store on our way home from the hospital. And the dollar store is right across the street from both the stores.

Busy? Yes. Impossible? No. Yes, the chemicals are off in the pool but it won't turn dark green and slimy during the course of today. It actually looks quite clear. We have some food so we won't go hungry and no one said I have to buy the whole weeks' worth of groceries all this afternoon. I can just pick up a few things we need if that's all I have time to do. And school will always be there. My finish date is self-imposed and there will be other days when nothing is in the way to interfere with us getting lots done. Today might not be that day.

The most important thing for me to realize on a "stressy" day like today, is that I can't really fix any of this. It is what it is. We have a lot to do today. We'll be busy. But worrying about food isn't getting us any groceries. Going to the store will. Worrying about the pool levels isn't fixing them--but finding out what we need and getting it for S today IS helpful. And a first step. Worrying about how much school we have left to do isn't helping anyone. But getting started is. I hate the phrase but it's really true--how do you eat an elephant?

Guess I should get started on that first bite.


  1. Our day will be hectic too. We haven't started school yet. NEED to go to the store! Gospel Meeting this week. Good luck getting it all done!

  2. I had my own big to-do list this a.m. Interesting to see how other people approach their's. I knew that I would not be able to relax and enjoy schooling with a list hanging over my head, and if I don't enjoy usually doesn't turn out well. So we did the errands first. Then, school.

  3. Actually, we needed breakfast so we ended up running 1/2 the errands first too!

  4. I have had to think like this and chagne my approach in the way I choose to do our busy day the last few weeks. Thanks for sharing. Great perspective.


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