Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Chores

The girls had to clean their room before ANYTHING ELSE this morning (except breakfast) and I am SO glad to have that out of the way. They did a pretty good job with NO help. OK--I may have offered incentives. I had a new book for Sweetheart and Grandma and Grandpa had a new outfit for Little Bit's doll. The hope of a "surprise" kept them going strong.

So I decided to start with what I was dreading too and updated the checkbook this morning. Now, on to other things.

S mows on Saturdays (and most weeknights too) so we take him lunch on Saturdays and eat with him. It's a nice way to get to spend some time with him.

After that is sewing class.

I need to procure groceries for my family sometime today as well.

I remember a time in our marriage where we went fishing on Saturdays. Or washed the car. Or ran errands together. Or just woke up and said, "What do you want to do today?" Maybe we shopped at the mall. Maybe we just ran around. We were married for 6 years before Sweetheart came along. Saturdays are very different these days.

What can I say? We're 40.

My 20 something year old self didn't do laundry all day on Saturdays. But, I did get bored.

And honestly? I don't remember what that feels like.


  1. We are cleaning and organizing and just being today. It is nice--- I do have a lot I want to accomplish but Dave is working all day too so it is just us at home!

    I dont like Dave being gone but I love days like this when you are JUST at home!

  2. I have to do some cleaning tomorrow. I'm right there with you, I used to have lots of lazy weekends even when Brett was little, but now we have 3 kids and my own home to take care of and gone are the days of sleeping till noon (or even 9 for that matter.) Tomorrow I have to do the shopping, run some laundry and get ready for the week ahead.

  3. hehe, "we" did our cleaning late tonight. We have a last minute notice of dear m.i.l. coming in the morning :^O So I smile kindly, and with a sweet syrupy voice told each child over the age of 5 to pick up (and put away!) 50 things. So, I just wrapped up w/ a quick swipe of a dusting and we'll call it good. Team work is a beautiful thing, eh?

  4. funny how things change, huh? i feel the same way...and i know, as i know you do -

    we would not have it any other way :)


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