Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lost Things, Broken Things, and Why I am So Disorganized

We have a list of 5 things that the girls have lost recently. It has been posted on the white board in our homeschool room. Whoever finds the item, gets to mark it off the list.

Found on my camera: Cinderella, as photographed by Sweetheart.
It includes, but is not limited to:
  1. Sweetheart's DS (grrr)
  2. Little Bit's book light
  3. Sweetheart's school journal
  4. Little Bit's DS game
  5. Sweetheart's new sandals (1 week old)
Seriously? I need a week at home. The house is eating our stuff. I must fight back.
The royal ball invitation arrives!

Also, I am breaking everything.

Which includes, but is not limited to:

  • The cabinet door I ripped off. The screws fell to the floor. I need a screwdriver to fix it but.....
  • The junk drawer in the kitchen (which contains the screwdriver) is stuck shut. Something is jammed up in there causing it to be un-openable. Is too a word!
I think this is Cinderella's new dress. Do your kids have access to fabric scraps?
And I have figured out why I feel so disorganized in this house. Here is my really great, totally awesome excuse reason:

When we bought this house, we were not homeschoolers. When we moved in, I was a working mom (part-time), with a 3 year old in daycare half days and a 7 year old in school full days and I set the house up for THAT lifestyle.


We are now a stay at home (well, not this week but you know) homeschooling family who uses this house VERY differently than we did when we moved in. So the places I decided to put things and the way I organized the house is all wrong.

So how to fix it? Well, I suppose I could pack everything back into boxes, move them all to the back porch and then "move in" again.

That seems like a lot of work.

I think I will resort to making lists and plans and floor plan drawings in my notebook like I always do before we move into a house. THIS time, I will consider our lifestyle and our belongings and my girls' ages and THEN I will decide where things need to go. Sort of a "put the entire house into zones" type plan.

What do you think? Could this be the greatest excuse ever?

The horrible step-sisters rip the dress up! There was more but I thought these were great. I love that girl. She is so creative.


  1. We're doing a Cinderella lapbook this week and next - I'll have to show my girl your pics!!

    Totally a good excuse, er, reason. And, I have to ask, you seriously haven't done this YET?! I constantly move things into new zones. It's an obsession/addiction, no, sickness. I'm constantly thinking where would this work better for everybody? Making lists. And then wreaking havoc on the living space.

    Yes, my girl makes "dresses" all the time too!

    And you know you need that screw driver to pry open the unopenable drawer too.

  2. Oh, I don't know . . . the last time we moved revealed what a poor housekeeper I was and I thought, "That's it. Every quarter we're going to completely sort, pitch, pack up, move out, clean and move back into a quarter of the house!"

    Funny, hasn't happened quite like that yet and we've been here a few years now. :)

    But you're right. We use spaces differently at different points in our life. Sometimes reassigning is in order. Fun! Work - yes. But what blessing on the other side! :)

  3. um I only moved here less than two years ago and I KNEW what kindof of family we were! So I will go with excuse to keep it real! BUT I will say that regardeless of if you have lived there 10 years or 2 years or even a couple of month... I think it is a living space and it must be moved around to accommodate life that is for ever evolving (Hey lookie there a conservative home schooler using the word evolve!)

    So excuse OR NOT there is an underlying problem that needs to be fixed, changed, rearranged etc.

    did you move your school room around at school? Did your "needs" change as you basically taught 30 plus kids and use the same curriculum? YES. Things need to change, and we find better ways to organize something.

    when the kids were little you needed bowls and stuff ina low cabinet for them to reach-- now they can go up higher. when the kids were going to school you needed hooks for backpack drops, now you need it for library bags. :)

    as your school/ family needs "evolve" so must your home to fit that need.

    SO it is an excusable excuse! so re- organize on with your bad self!

  4. Suzanne, you need to read every version you can find! There are so many!!!! It's fun to compare them. We did that when Sweetheart was in 2nd grade. Very fun.

    Ya'll are right of course. We used to have a cabinet completely devoted to sippy cups. sniff sniff.

    I know times change, but Ima still rearranging this house for our homeschooling ways.


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