Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alone in the Morning

S left for work already and the girls spent the night at my parent's house. Today we are going to spend the day with Grandma and Grandpa. I know my dad is wanting to do fun stuff (like sleepovers) before he goes to see his cancer doctors on Friday. We won't have results until Tuesday, but we are all hoping he won't have to do big and bad treatment. Not fun anytime, but certainly not at 76 years old.

So I was faced with the decision of going back to bed or getting lots done. I chose to stay up, but I'm not sure how much I'll really get done. There are 400 pets to take care of and the girls usually do that, so it's going to eat into my productivity time! Still, I hope to get the living room cleaned up so I can come home to a clean house today.

S got a good report from the eye doctor yesterday afternoon. His vision still gets messed up when his blood sugar is too high, but his vision is actually still 20/20. And for free the lady at Target's vision center (not the doctor, just the pick out your frames lady) spent many minutes suggesting he try Nopal Cactus Juice for his diabetes. Like her father did. Or maybe it was her grandfather. I forget.  We had gone to Target alone last night to pick out his frames for his reading glasses. The way they do things at Target is the doctor dilates your eyes and then sends you to pick out your frames and "come back in 15 minutes." So, since he couldn't, you know SEE VERY WELL with his dilated pupils, S wanted me to come help him pick out the frames. The cactus juice advice was just a bonus.

Good grief---am I 40 or what? I've written you a post about how I need to clean house, going to get glasses with my husband, cancer, and diabetes.

I am sorry.

Come back tomorrow when we'll discuss Oil of Olay, plucking grey hairs, and adding fiber to our diets!



  1. I dont know if my other comment posted but basically it said you are funny- link to the old people blog post names again!!!! SO funny!

  2. i just heard that 50 is the new 39... so i think we're good, right? ;) glad your hubs received a positive report. i don't know why those docs do that to us... how can we pick out frames like that?? crazy.

  3. Oh yeah Carrie....I remember that one!


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