Friday, April 8, 2011

Science Today...

Little Bit and Sweetheart on the right of our group.
 ...was VERY hands-on. We've been studying Flying Creatures of the 5th Day this year so our field trip to the wetlands center was perfect.
Looking for turtles, alligators, and fish...
We got to see butterflies (not alive), bats (not real), bees (real and alive), and tons of other creatures that we have studied about this year. Also lots that we have not. It was very interesting and fun.
There were lots of things to touch and do.
Pretty sure this was the girls' first time to work with microscopes.

We got to see most of the insects we've studied this year.
Straining to see the baby spiders on the mama spider's back.
Sweetheart with a bear skin.
The guides were very good to let our group NOT stay in line and look around themselves. And ask 500 questions like homeschoolers are wont to do.
Getting brave with the crabs.

It was a good day and though we didn't get any other school done, it was OK because I PLANNED it that way!

Oh wait. Yes, we did. We are learning about Japan right now so the girls tied pillows to themselves and sumo wrestled. History. Done.


  1. What a fun day! Love the history lesson.

  2. Look how long Little Bit's hair is getting!! Looks like a great day. Love those kind of field trips!

  3. LIttle Bit's picture is my favorite at the bottom! Love the Wetlands field trip--- it is so great!

    Thanks for testing Emily yesterday... Dave is happy with the results! and I feel better!


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