Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not Sure What It Will Take

Ever since I had this epiphany the other day, I have been making plans to better organize our house for our lifestyle.

For example, the games and puzzles are in a top cabinet in the laundry room because when we moved in, I had a 2 year old. They don't need to be there anymore and more sensible things belong in that room.

So...I wrote out this plan including drawings of the cabinets and got all ready to "tear it up." But I have yet to make it into that room.

I said Saturday would be the day. Didn't happen.

Sunday? Nope.

Monday? Not.

Today? Sigh. I really want to get this house in order but school takes a lot of time and then there is regular everyday stuff to do and the girls want to play outside and blah blah blah.

My laundry room is still waiting on me.

And it's not even the tip of the iceberg! There is SO much more that needs to be done.

We had field day with our homeschool group last week. Our city has these tall trash bags they give you and I can't live without them. We used to live in a different city and I begged these off my parents all the time. They are perfect for dragging around the house cleaning because they stand up by themselves. Anyway, they cut them to different lengths for the sack race.

Sweetheart (in red) ready for the sack race. These bags didn't get cut much at all.
Go Little Bit! In your short sack that is now being used for recycling!
So then we had all these different bags that were short so I brought them home. They are perfect for putting books and games and stuff in that need to be taken to a different room in the house.

I have a feeling my plan is going to cause a lot of mess. In other words, it's going to get worse before it gets better. But its OK because last summer I turned this:

into this:

So I know I can do it.


  1. It is. It's going to be a dump on crack. And your girls are going to play outside all day long and you are going to be really, really tired and you're all going to eat a few less than fabulously nutritious meals while you focus on the revamp.

    BUT it's going to be LOVELY when you're done.

    Go, Baby, Go!

  2. I concur with Q.

    Of course being in the midst of my revamp I might not have the best mindset!

    However we shall both prevail-- cuz it is just WHO we are!


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