Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Was That Nonsense About Me Liking Technology?

Our desktop died. In February our laptop died.

Computers: 2
Us: 0

They are winning. They were tired of performing useful services to our family so they up and quit. I am typing this on my phone. (good phone. Nice phone.) I can't let it hear me speak ill of the technology or it may quit me too.

But, for the record, our VCR still works.

I'm not sure what to make of that.


  1. Our VCR recently died :^O We are probably the last set of dinosaurs, but we like our VCR, I don't want to buy more DVD's for the movies we already have... the littles now want to know how they are going to "see Little Foot" (Land Before Time, like all uhmp-teen of them), all their Charlie Brown holiday movies, and too many Disney movies to admit to. =)
    Oh bother!

  2. Sheri I hear you. We have a lot of VHS tapes still. I'm keeping them until our VCR bites the dust. It will be a sad day. :(


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