Monday, March 28, 2011

Y2K and Other Such Nonsense

Do you remember all the scare in 1999 about how every computer was going to crash and our world would be upside down? There was so much hype it was hard to not be a little concerned. Knowing nothing about how computers actually work, I thought it was all foolish, but went and got some cash out of the ATM anyway.

My old babysitter stocked up though. We didn't start leaving Sweetheart at her house until late 2000, but the lady had some serious cabinets full of stuff. She admitted she had been scared and had stocked up. Oh well, it all got used and she had fewer trips to the store that year.

It all seems kind of funny now. I remember the computer people in our district were working overtime. After they checked a computer, they took a sharpie and wrote "Y2K Compatible" on it. Awesome.

And so maybe I don't need to get all worried about how we are behind in school and now today I can't talk (and therefore read out loud) without hacking up a lung. Maybe I don't need to freak out about the laundry (in all its various stages) covering my house. Perhaps finances are not worth the worry. I am certain in 10 or 11 years, these things won't be a blip on my radar.

Here is what I would rather think about as I go about my business:

*there is a bird singing in our backyard. Beautiful. Hope you get a mate, dude!
*our garden is planted.
*our bills are paid.
*the lost title is in the works of being replaced.
*since we won't be getting all our subjects done in school (cough, hack), that gives me more time to restore order around the house.
*my girls are healthy and at home with me.
*I have a big, black trash bag that I can't wait to fill up.

and finally, the most important thing:

*Jesus is LORD!

Now I may need reminding of these blessings as I go through my day. I'm having the hardest time having a good attitude lately! I have no idea why....I have so much to be thankful for. I just can't seem to catch the "spring spirit!"

What do you do to get out of the winter funk?


  1. Hope you are feeling 100% soon. We missed seeing you ladies on Thursday. There's nothing like focusing on the positive to bring things into perspective. :)

  2. HA I made Kaitlin a shirt that said Y2K on the back it said YES TO KATIE--- she was the first baby in the family on both sides!

    I am having a hard time just not snapping at everyone! actually I am having more than a hard time I AM actually just snapping at everybody. SNAP, SNAP... gotta get a handle on it! Cant blame that on my concussion!

  3. No alligator mom!!!!

    and sam....doesn't it all seem perfectly silly now?

  4. way to go Brenda, fabulous attitude, I am so proud of you...keep on keeping on...
    btw... I too have been in the winter funk, so I started blogging on what makes me smile, a project til Good Friday. Hopefully this gives me the attitude adjustment I need. I call it Happiness 101, lol.


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)