Monday, February 28, 2011

I Know How I'm Shopping This Year

Oh this technology. It's something else.

Friday nights we have a Bible study at our house. Right now we are watching The Truth Project. It's really good stuff. This week's lesson was on History. Somehow we got to talking about our history curriculum. We constantly use The Mystery of History in our Bible study time. None of us learned history in this way when we were in school so we are learning it now as adults. There was a new lady at the study who had not heard of it and so I went and got the book.

Next thing I know, our friend Mark is looking on his iPhone. Oh, here is TMOH for (some price amount). WHAT??? I paid a lot more for it than that!!! Where are you looking?

He has an app on his phone where you scan the bar code of something and it shows you where you can buy it. And all the different prices you can buy it for. Hmm. Interesting. I didn't believe him that is would work on anything so he scanned a box of mac n cheese from my pantry. Boom. There it was.

Sunday night at Bible study, a gentleman had a book that S was interested in. I saw S trying to snap a picture of the book with his phone. So I quickly downloaded the bar code app, scanned the book, and found him a copy for $5.

Now my brain is spinning. You see where this is going right? You go to a store that sells homeschool curriculum. You find something you like. You scan the bar code. Boom. Price wars right there on your phone.

Oh yeah. I'm saving money this year is what I'm saying.

I like technology today.


  1. I will have to check into that app.! Sounds like a winner!


    what is the name of the app???

  3. OH MY GOSH! Yet another reason I NEED an iPhone! This is truly fantastic! Thanks for sharing - what's the name of the app?

  4. It's Bakado bar code scanner. There are a lot of free ones but I liked this one.


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