Friday, March 25, 2011

The Princess Party

We've been involved in a "Carrie Co-op" lately. She's good at coming up with these. She invited some other girls around her daughter's age to participate. It was fun. Today was our last class.

Each week we watched the DVD, which is where the main lesson is found, and where the girls learned parts of a song each week including the sign language to go along with it. Then we went back to the table and did some activities and crafts and had a snack. But THIS week....was the grand finale.

Oh, HOW many times did Little Bit ask to go to the final princess class? I lost count. She could not wait!

 Before we left....had to show this picture. I made this dress a few years ago from a tutorial and it finally fits her right!
 I know you can't tell in these pics, but the dress is made from a man's dress shirt. Also, LOOK how long her hair is!!!! It only took 7 years to get here people.
 We worked on their foam castle kits at the beginning of class. Carrie is weilding the hot glue gun--watch out!

 Sweetheart joined the class one week when we had a few girls out, so she made a castle as well.
 During the video--the girls are praying. So sweet.
 Then we played a quick game together from the activity book, then sent them upstairs to change.
 And then each girl came down the stairs and were presented with a flower and a tiara.
 Do you love their dresses? We got them at thrift stores. :)
 The princess banquet!
 Four lovely little girls who now know that being a true forever princess doesn't mean wearing fancy clothes or living in a castle. Fancy clothes and tiaras are fun, but a true princess (daughter of THE King) shows God's love to others.

Meanwhile, Sweetheart and Kate (can you see her back there in the flowerbed?) dug up lizards and snails. So, let's just say they were enjoying the King's creation shall we?

Thank you Carrie, for organizing such a fun class!


  1. HOw wonderful. What a great and neat experience.

  2. you welcome! I had fun and Emily got so much more out of it with other friends! Also you KNOW how I love themes!

  3. Oh my goodness! What a GREAT idea! They all look so beautiful. Fun times!


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