Monday, March 7, 2011

In Theory, This is What We Do

Except when we don't. :)

Here is the schedule that has been working for us since January. I had to switch things up a bit. I felt the need for Sweetheart (11 yo, 5th grade) to work independently for a bit of her day. It's time to move her on to that. She would never choose it. She would happily sit right under my armpit and do her work through 12th grade, I believe.

She really loved it at first and now she begs to stay in the room with us. Only that doesn't work because she gets distracted and I have to interrupt Little Bit's reading lessons too much. The girl has to learn to read. Splitting up for a bit is important. Also, it is teaching her to be organized and neat on her own. And she has to keep her desk cleaned off in her room. Win-win-win.

So here goes. We try to start by 9:00. Except when we don't.

Bible (together)

Sweetheart: (at her desk in her room) Daily Bible reading, Journal, Grammar or Map work, Handwriting, Math Practice.
While Little Bit and I work on Reading/Spelling/Handwriting. We usually only get 2 of those done.

Then, Sweetheart and I do math and Little Bit works on the computer. I lost all their bookmarks with our old computer so I need to re-do those.

Play break!!! (That's why I'm blogging right now!)

History (together)

Science (together)

Learning about birds together.

Math with Little Bit while Sweetheart reads.

She's learning about 100 lately.

Sweetheart does spelling with me and then computer and piano practice sometime in the afternoon.

Math Blaster!!!

I read with Little Bit at some point too. Just for enjoyment.

I'm really thinking about next year and wanting to start planning and dreaming. But I have to stay focused on THIS year, 'cause we ain't through!

So, I need some motivation amidst spring fever. Anyone got some for me?


  1. I can't help you with the holding off part- we changed some things at the end of February! We switched Math and Grammar, we are adding in some classical and we went to year-round. We are still adjusting to our changes, and are taking a light week here, since we will have extra days with the year-round switch. Today we only did History and Science.

  2. nope. i can't help.
    that's what i'm at your blog for!! so YOU can help ME!! haha!! :)

  3. How do you like math blaster? I wanted to start the girls using it. And sorry, I am no help either. I wish school were already over! We have so many projects we want to do, but between traveling and not being "home" even when we're here, they have to wait for summer break!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)