Monday, March 21, 2011

The Paper Chase

So. S has been driving a really old truck for years now. If you didn't already know this, he has a lawn care business. Well, WE have a lawn care business. He does most of the work though. Last summer he drove his really old truck which had no A/C AND the driver's window does not roll down and I think we can all see why that arrangement will not work for long in Texas.

We've been without a car payment for about 6 months now but we've known we just need to bite the bullet and get him a truck that a.) has A/C b.) has windows that roll down c.) has paint on its exterior surfaces.

That last one is just being picky, I know. The point is, we need to get rid of our 12 year old truck while we still can and before the heat of summer.

That's exactly what we did on Saturday evening. And you know how buying a car is. After hours of being there...we were almost done.

But we didn't have our insurance card with us. By this time it was 9:45pm. Sigh. It's a long story, but we drove away without a truck. SO frustrating.

We thought about it all weekend and decided to go back Monday morning when they opened and try again.

Guess what? This time we couldn't find the title. Tore. This. House. Up.

I hate paper. I hate paperwork. I hate my disorganized house.

S was frustrated with himself because he remembers saying, "We need to put this in a really good place so we don't lose it."

Apparently we did just that. Really good.

I was frustrated with myself for not being better organized. I really suck at paperwork.

But we did get the truck. Now we just have to find that title so we can sell the old one.

I could really use one of those makeovers from an organizational expert.

Or maybe just TV so I can watch shows about people who are more disorganized than me. That always makes me feel better.

And that is my excuse for not posting every day.

The End.


  1. It's a valid excuse. Pictures??

    Make an important paper box!! I have one, the box itself isn't organized but I know it's IN there somewhere, Dave knows it too so that helps!

  2. I'm with Carrie, we have an important paper shoe box that works well for us. We always know where it is : ) And like Carrie, we just have to riffle through the shoe box. We wanted to put it in something easy to carry in case we ever had to get out of the house quick like in a fire or something.

  3. Feelin' your pain over here. Paperwork is a thorn in my side.

    Mama is needing a new ride soon, too. *sigh* I don't want the note. It's been paid off for a couple yrs and my A/C can't keep up with the Texas heat either. I told hubs I would ride it till the wheels fell off... but this Texas heat may do me in. ;)

  4. We do have a box but unfortunately, it came into being post truck title!

  5. I'm glad you got the new truck! About the TV show...If you watched those shows about "horder people", it would scare you. Indefinitely. How can people not know mice are LIVING IN THEIR COUCH??

    Maybe there's just one pile too many there. We've never met in person, Brenda, but if I see a pic anywhere CLOSE to a horder-type image, you can bet I'll be on the first plane over there to dig you out! :0)


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