Thursday, February 3, 2011

No One Title Could Pull This Much Random Together

So, we shall employ mini-titles!

Spelling--Keeping it Real

You know I use All About Spelling. You know I highly recommend All About Spelling. But let's remember that even the best curriculum is used by real moms and real children. Speaking of which, Connie over at Smockity Frocks was talking about her favorite reading curriculum today and then she said this quote:

"And I continued thinking that whole superior parenting bit until I bumped into trying to teach a couple of children who live at my house who seemed to wake up every morning completely phonics free."

That is easily the best thing I have read this whole week. I nearly spit my Sonic ice out.

So, on that note, I read one of Sweetheart's journal entries the other day. Out of 97 words in her story, there are over 20 spelling errors ranging from one wrong letter to some form of writing in tongues. It was disheartening at first. But then I got determined. It does no good to learn all this stuff if I don't make sure she applies it. I typed up her story AS IS and highlighted each error. Then I made notes for myself of which spelling rule was violated and has she covered that particular rule. I now have our spelling lessons for next week. After all of that, I am going to hand her back her journal and see how many words she can correct on her own. I'll let you know how that plays out.

Homeschooling Rocks
If for no other reason than we get to have a lot of fun. Last week involved the kids going to a jumping place while the moms visited and knitted and worked out all the world's problems in two hours. I love staying home, but I dearly love play days where I get to talk with other moms. It is muy importante. And oh yeah, the kids had fun too.

 The Bitty Baby
Since Fiona's arm fell off, we ordered a Bitty Baby. Unfortunately, Sonya's (the new baby) arrival has been delayed due to weather. So, we have been keeping busy with all types of preparations. Little Bit got out all the baby doll clothes she could find and we washed them all. She has gathered up all types of baby items and gotten the crib ready (my laundry basket with Fiona's old bedding in it.). Then I had an inspiration. When Little Bit was a baby, her lovey was this:

She called it Bebe. Um...that's Bebe with short e's. Sounds French. She made it up...I don't know. Bebe went everywhere with us for many years.

We decided Sonya needs a Bebe!

Disturbing, no? We aren't through yet.

Little Bit thought it was VERY funny.

Chores (for now)
I ordered the Motivated Moms planner again. This time, instead of being overwhelmed by the list, I am using it for chores for all of us. Well, not S. He works 2 jobs already so he gets a break. Here is a page for next week. It's on a mini-clipboard and we all have a hi liter color. Yellow means we all do it.

Sweetheart and Little Bit take turns on the jobs on the left in pink and blue. So far those are the two jobs I KNOW they can do. I will be adding to Sweetheart's responsibilities a lot in the future. The list on the right changes daily and I have been able to find one thing for each girl every day so far. I think they like that they get something new to do every day. I like that too.

After we do this for another week, Sweetheart will start getting one additional chore than her sister. She IS four years older after all. The Motivated Moms planner really gives me good ideas for what I need to teach the girls to do that I probably would not think of otherwise. Even just watching me do some of the chores is good practice for being a future homemaker. Little Bit was very interested in my chore the other day of cleaning their light fixture.

I'm hoping that in Sweetheart's 12 year old year, if I should be down for the count with a stomach bug or some other atrocity, that she would be able to do the basics on the left. That is my goal. Right now, this is REALLY working for us as far as chores go. Of course, they are also in charge of cleaning their room each day and picking up after themselves.

Proud Math Moment
After watching her sister for 2 years, it was finally Little Bit's turn to do math on the computer. She did her 0s facts three times until she got a blue ribbon! She was very proud. (This is on the Math U See website.)

Mom's Panic Moment
It has suddenly occurred to me that I will have a middle schooler in a few months. I have realized I have no idea how I want her school to change or what things I want to add or what curriculum I will use. I am in uncharted territory here. I'm not freaking out YET, but I am concerned and actually, nerd that I am, I cannot wait to start researching and reading and planning for next year.

Since The Elves Haven't Come YetThey helped the shoemaker, why not me??? All those pieces of flannel I cut out have not pieced themselves into quilts. And it sure would be handy during ARCTIC BLAST '11 if the girls had those quilts, wouldn't it? Since we are staring down being home for the next few days, I'm hoping to sew some. It's on the Motivated Moms planner for Friday--it says, "Work on a craft/hobby." So I shall.


  1. Nice! Love that Little Bit has her winter coat on in the house when she's laughing at Bebe. You weren't kidding about it being cold there!! :0) Thanks for the update!

  2. ha! we had just come in from taking her sister to piano 30 seconds away. It's only a 30 minute lesson. I asked her if she wanted to take her coat off and she said "nah. I'll just have to put it back on again in a minute." :)

  3. HA.. I love random!

    BTW.. you could not cut a beanie babie in half for the scarf but you can decimate it fir this craft??? I mean you totally cut it to peices!

    spelling- I find errors in my spelling all the day long!!! REALLY I am a terrible speller! BUt that is a great idea to look up if they HAVE learned the rule or not! I like it and I shall USE it!

    I have downloaded the motivated moms before--- maybe it is time again! I love being motivated!!! I did start up my organization binder again (via A BOWLS OF LEMONS blog) so motivated moms would fit right into that!

    I am thinking our NEXT year is going to GREATLY be different, this year is a struggle with Kate and Emily beign so far apart! My time of "class" together is for the most part OVER! Except for a few things.. BUT I DONT WANNA THINK ABOUT IT! :)

  4. I will have one in high school this fall! I don't know how it happened, I am only 32!! The bear is cute! I just did a whole post on my new household notebook. We did chore lists last month. Must be in the air :)

  5. Thanks for the tip on the Math-U-See website. I need to check that out. My girls are in 7th grade this year. We made some key curriculum changes that we have LOVED. Our math curriculum ended in 6th grade. I was pretty sure I wanted to use Teaching Textbooks for High School so I did some research and decided to go ahead and switch them to that now. It's pricey, but you can buy used and the company fully supports resales. We have been thrilled with it. It teaches multiple learning styles so both of my girls are doing well with it and they like having at least one subject on the computer. We also started using VocabuLit. My girls love reading and like the classics. All of the vocabulary words are taught with exerpts from classic literature. They've really enjoyed it. Lastly, one of my girls really struggled with spelling. We used MCPs Spelling Workout all the way through and for the most part she enjoyed it and did fairly well, but in writing on her own the spelling was REALLY bad. We started using AVKOs Sequential Spelling this year. I was skeptical about the way that it teaches, but we have seen amazing results and we're only a 3rd of the way through the book. Also, the lessons are short and sweet and that's nice, too.

  6. A middle-schooler? Wow! When I first stumbled upon your blog she was just a little bitty thing.

    Of course, Bright Eyes is driving now so I have some idea how fast the time flies.

    I'm sure you'll do a great job with the transition, Brenda.

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