Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Week Off

 We did a lot of nothing...and playing....and watching I Love Lucy...and running around. But then, on Thursday, I got serious. This is what the week off is really about.

The pencils are all sharpened  found. The table caddy is organized again.

And yes, I did give a lecture today about how things are in categories. See the categories? You better put things back in the right category.
 And it has been 6 MONTHS since I rearranged this room!!!! HOW did I let THAT happen????

Ah, our spelling board is up off the floor now. Much better.
 All our spelling cards and math DVDs are stored here. So nice. Easy readers on the right.

I don't think I ever showed you our word wall. I seriously need to add words to this! My back used to be to it so I never noticed it much.

That's our Bible timeline up high.

The hermit crabs are over by the nice warm sunshine now.

Ah. It just makes me so happy when this room is clean for 10 minutes every 6 weeks.

But alas, there is a pile in the hallway.

Then I made lesson plans. I never really feel totally done with lesson plans because there is so much to think about. But we started new lapbooks today and did all of our subjects except one. It was a good day.

In a very clean room.


  1. Wow! You have been busy. We don't have a separate schoolroom, but it always makes me so happy to have things arranged and "categorized" :)

  2. The room looks great! We still didn't get much school done today b/c the boys weren't feeling too well. Anyway, where did you find that caddy? I've had so much trouble finding a caddy!!!!!

  3. Oh Mama Hen! If only you had seen it before!!!

    Kathy, Mom gave it to me. She got it through some flyer in the mail. She said she might have one now (flyer) and will look. I'm sure you can order it online and not though the mail!

  4. Mom never throws anything away...:)

    It's at

    It's in the kitchen section.

  5. there is one that looks the same at Michaels, I saw it yesterday.

    Breanda the room looks great! I am still thinking and rethinking and then OVER thinking our school room situation!

    good sabbath week, on to the next 6 weeks! I read another blog where she does 8 weeks on and 2 weeks off! I might never start again if I took 2 weeks off! :)


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)