Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting Books Your Kids Can Read

So, I totally overwhelmed you all with my information on Lexile Reading levels a few weeks ago. It's really useful once you get the hang of it and I know I still owe you that post on early readers.

But....I found out something cool and wanted to share. If you order books from Scholastic, they have Lexile levels for the books!

What this means is, you can actually click on a range of Lexile levels and they will show you all the books in that range that are for sale. This way, you can be sure that what you are ordering for you child (or at least some of what you are ordering, after all, some books are for read alouds or just for fun) are in a range they can actually be expected to read. You can also just look at the information on each book and the Lexile level is provided at the bottom.

Very useful if you are needing independent reading material for your kiddo.

And if you aren't ordering from Scholastic, you really should! You can get cheaper games in their "Click" flyer. I ordered Math Blaster for DS! Many of their games, just like their books, are cheaper than stores.

By the way, I've actually been posting at my other blog this week quite a lot! Who knew I would have so much to say about food and my kitchen? Big things happening over there! Here's a sneak peek:

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  1. Thanks, Brenda! You provide a lot of valuable homeschool information.

    Newbies like me need it, LOL.

  2. okay... i'm going to order math blaster! anything to make learning fun. you have some serious construction going on, girl... i'm off to be nosy and check it out. ;)

  3. Oh my goodness! I am a schoolteacher who wants to homeschool, and I am so excited that I found your blog! I read your beginning posts, and that is exactly how I feel; I hate leaving my child at daycare and leaving my home for hours at a time. I feel lucky for getting 9 weeks off in the summer and holidays, but sometimes, it's so much to think about at once. Thank you for this blog, and please be encouraged to keep writing it because I will definitely be reading it. Thank you.


  4. I didn't know one could search Scholastic in that way. Thanks so much for sharing! Found your blog through your posting at the Homeschool Lounge--new follower here--feel free to check out mine.


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