Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Medical Disaster Award of the Week...

...goes to Sweetheart!

She slipped and fell in their room last week. (Lesson here? I think so.) She caught herself on the loft bed but fell on one elbow. That arm still hurts so we're off to the doctor this morning to have it looked at. I'm sure it's fine. But she's planning on having that arm for a long time so I want make sure.

And then yesterday I bought a different brand of vitamins than usual. They were out of the kind I usually buy. The old kind required the girls to take 2 of each per day. THIS kind requires 1 per day. Sweetheart took 2 before I could tell her. Oops. We were fairly sure that was no big deal but then on the back of the bottle it talks about "iron overdose" and "can cause death". Yeah, the label said, "In children under 6..." but still. Hmm. Does she need to drink milk? Should we make her throw up? I mean, she weighs what some 6 year olds weigh!

Sweetheart knew where the number to poison control was because she's been reading up on being a babysitter. I called and they said an extra children's vitamin is never a big deal. Its' only when little kids get hold of the bottle and start downing them like candy that there can be a problem.

Whew. But before the lady gave me any information, she wanted to know our zip code, my full name, and Sweetheart's full name.

Um. Kinda reminded me of the time I called 911 when 7 month old Little Bit dove off the changing table. Oh my heart. That was not a good day. The police was the first one to show up and they have to do a report on the accident. I felt like our home was "marked." And yes, the police officer was looking around our home. Oh dear. I had just quit teaching and had brought 15 boxes of stuff home with me to go through. They were stacked everywhere. There were toys out. (Sweetheart was 4, of COURSE there were toys out.) The house was kind of "lived in." He said, "You've got your hands full here." I was thinking, "I only have 2 kids..what do you mean?" But after he left I looked around. Yikes. I did have my hands full. But that didn't have anything to do with the baby falling. (By the way, the paramedics said, after seeing where she fell from, "Oh, it was just a little fall." WHAT?? And she was fine. She had even stopped crying by the time they got there.)

It was an icky feeling knowing the police were filing a report on our accident prone house! Ha! Oh well, Poison Control has our info now too.

Someone make me feel better about that.


  1. We had just moved into a new house when our third was 15 months old. Within a week, we called poison control 3 times because of berries and plants we found he gnawing on outside the new house. I was about to put them on speed-dial! (There.....feel better?)

  2. Tammi Kay!!! YES!!!! THAnk you! The silence on here was killing me. I was like, "Oh great. Awkward silence. No one knows what to say about my bad mothering." :)

    Whew! I'm also reminded of our former neighbors who had 3 boys. The oldest 2 had both had emergency room worthy accidents recently and within 6 months of those the baby pulled a TV down on his foot. They got in the car, looked at each other, and said, "Should we go to a different hospital?" :)

  3. Don't feel like a bad parent... I probably would have waited for symptoms before I called... Now I am the bad parent. ((blush))

  4. Within 6 months we were in the ER twice. Once when our oldest fell off a swing in the backyard and a few months later when our youngest jumped off a chair in the kitchen and busted her chin open. Yeah, they were asking "those" types of questions when we came in the 2nd time.

  5. (Forgot to say that oldest daughter actually broke her arm when she came off the swing!)

  6. My 3rd son ate dishwasher detergente and sprayed fabreeze in his eyes on the same day.He was two and I was in the room with him both times.Maybe that explains why I have all but given up cleaning. LucyT

  7. Ya'll are making me feel much better. Thank you!!! :)

  8. Okay, so you already now the story about my Dinosaur lover eating 3/4 of a bottle of hand sanitizer and he is fine. Well, relatively!
    When he was 2, I found him in the kitchen sink cabinet eating dish detergent, called the poison control hotline and I felt the same way. Like CPS was going to come and take my kids away or something. I'm not sure why they need to take down all the personal information but it does make you paranoid!
    Oh, also, that same year he ate an entire package of silica gel from an empty package of beef jerky that was left out on the table. Both instances supplied "odd elimination" and that was the worst of it. Don't worry, the government has not put a satellite above your house yet!!! : )

  9. Good grief....that's good to know G and at least no one is eatingetal shards, right? :)

  10. Ha - I pulled 3 small metal door pieces from my race car drivers mouth just 2 days ago. He's getting tested tomorrow for iron deficiency! So, the metal eater is still at it too : )

  11. Been there, done that! My 18 month old got open the bottle of Aleve and ate about 1/2 of it! Yikes! She was fine, but they did call back to check on her. They've always been nice when I've called ;-)

  12. i have a blog post somewhere in my archives when we thought 'nator' swallowed the tip of a knife... we still don't know for sure?? :-/

    but you know how i feel about people poking around in my archives. ha. ;)

    hope her lil' arm is better!


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