Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If You Still Have Snow, You May Not Be Interested

It's been pretty warm here. We've had fans going and the windows open. SO nice. I saw a snowstorm on TV so I'm pretty sure not everyone is ready to talk swimsuits.

I just have one thing to say, however. I am VERY disappointed in Land's End swimsuits this year! Two years ago I bought the girls suits from Land's End and they actually still fit. I know they won't make it through the whole summer still fitting though, so it's time to get new ones.

We spent a good amount of money on those 2 suits. ($90-95 including shipping) But, they were totally worth it. TWO summers of fun and me not having to shop for suits last year? Worth it. They were modest, they gave great sun protection. I know I used 1/4 of the sunscreen that I usually use. They only needed sunscreen on their forearms and faces. It was awesome.

I guess modest is not really in style this year. Either that or Land's End doesn't know that they had a pretty good base of customers who shopped with them because of their modest swimsuit choices. Sigh.

The few suits on their website that I would consider didn't get good reviews at all. Seems the sizes are all wonky this year.

This is going to be a big pain. My plan is to find a modest fitting one piece (the top part is the only part that really needs to be modest) and have them wear board shorts over it. HOWEVER, the swimsuit manufacturers and I disagree on the length of board shorts. They seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Board shorts are supposed to be long. You could surf in them....I think that's the point of board shorts.

So if you've seen anything out there that will fit our needs, please give a sister a link.


  1. You know, (now that I get to shop for girl things and all!) I thought I saw some swim shirts at Target?!

  2. EriN.....WE have daughters!!!!! :) yes the shirts are still findable but they are often matched with bikini bottoms. Or really short shorts with no swimsuit part underneath.

  3. lol! It's still weird to think I can soon start entering into "girl" conversations, like modest clothing and doll beds and such! :-D Anyway, back on topic... could you use boy's swim trunks as board shorts? While girl styles are getting shorter and shorter, boys' styles are getting longer (knee length or longer!) so maybe that's an option?

  4. Possibly....if they are an acceptable color and don't have spiderman on them!

    The above link has swimsuits that I think might fit your bill. They are a bit pricey, but I think you can measure your children and order to size and that should take care of your fitting needs.

  6. Brenda, I have the swim shirt and the swim skirt from here. The skirt has tights underneath. But she has several different styles available. My daughter will also wear these.

  7. I buy boys stuff for my daughter. As long as the shirts are not white, I feel they are nice and modest. There were some on sale at Kohls last week. Even the girl's swim area will have outfits that come with shirts. I have very good luck finding board shorts at my local thrift store.

    Maybe this? -

  8. I'm too busy digging outta the snow to think about swimsuits, but I suppose I'd better be ready! My 10 year old is a competitive swimmer, so we just stick to those racer back type suits. I always considered them modest enough, but I think as puberty hits, SHE would be thankful for a shorts/top combo.
    Came by through THL Blogging Basics to say hi - now I'll haveta check out your kitchen, you have me curious!
    Melyssa from

  9. I was just on Old Navy's web site and they had 2 pairs of board shorts for girls that were pretty long. When I saw them I thought about this post you had written so I wanted to let you know. One pair is quite long. The other was a little shorter. Both of them have peace signs all over them so you may or may not like them. Just thought I would let you know.


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