Monday, December 21, 2009

The Doll Beds Are DONE

Did you hear me scream earlier? It's because I'm finished!!!!! I'll tell you, I am so pleased with these gifts. I just wanted to squeal the whole time I was working on them. Once it became apparent that wooden doll bunk beds were not going to happen, I kept thinking about the doll bed I had when I was little.

It was made from a cigar box spray painted white with white spools glued on the bottom for legs. There was a little mattress stuffed down inside and a tiny pillow. However, it was for a small doll. It was kind of the same concept that led me to make these for the girls' 18" dolls.

First, you need a Sterilite 28 quart container or something of similar size.
Then add a piece of 2" foam. Mine is covered with an old sheet and sewn up on the ends.

Add a bottom sheet. These are made like a pillowcase and the foam mattress just slips inside and I tucked the open end underneath.
Then you add a top sheet. These were left until the end when I saw I had enough fabric. They aren't completely necessary.

And a reversible comforter.
And a tiny pillow with a matching pillowcase.
And a decorative pillow.

Last, I used rub on scrapbook letters to add the doll's name to the lid. (Thanks JulieMom for that tip!)
Here are some of the other doll's beds.

The bedding for Sweetheart's Kit Kittredge doll was really a challenge for my brain. I knew it was important to Sweetheart that the bedding be authentic. Even though she doesn't even know she's getting doll beds.
So, I made Kit's sheets plain white. I also made the pillowcase white, but then Mom and I decided that rick rack would be authentic. Not really sure that it was on bedding, but they DID use rick rack back then for other things. My dad informed me he NEVER slept on anything but a plain old white pillowcase but oh well.
The bedspread is supposed to look like a quilt. I really like how it came out and how it doesn't look like modern bedding. And since Kit got plain old white sheets, I splurged and ordered Kit's Amelia Earhart doll for her bed.
The girls are really excited mostly because the presents are BIG. I can't wait for them to open them.
And I don't want to sew anything until 2010, m'kay?
Also, thank you to my bloggy friends for all the encouragement and tips along the way. I really don't know what people without blogs do when they have a problem! :)


  1. I LOVE IT! They are adorable, the girls will love them. I can already hear them squealing! Where did you get the puppy dog material?

    Good job B!

  2. Thank you!!!! I got the fabric at Hancock.

  3. I love those beds!!!!I see some in my girls future.Will you make them? WINK.

  4. And, you know? My big girl would *love* one of these? I'd pay postage? :)

    Seriously, these turned out fabulous! Can't wait to hear about their reactions! Way to go, Brenda!

  5. You did a WONDERFUL job, Brenda! I finished the last of my homemade gifts on Sunday night ... and feel just a tiny bit lost. There's plenty else to do, of course!

  6. Very fun! You've inspired me to help my 9yo dd to make bedding for her doll!

  7. They look beautiful. What a great job you did, my most talented bloggy friend.

  8. Way to go!! And I'm glad the scrapbook letters worked out. They are really a huge time saver, and they look cute!

    When I first saw the Amelia Earhart doll, I thought you made it, and I was going to ask HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU PULL THAT OFF?!?

    Then I saw you ordered it. Oops.

    Still, the bedding all looks so great!! They will be thrilled beyond reason! Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh yeah right. Like I could EVER make that! :) I really would have gone crazy on that one.


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