Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Letter to The Man

Dear Big Money Doll Company,

Congratulations. You are going to get some more of our money. We have purchased cheaper, imitation products in the past and have not been pleased. Your product is better. I admit it.


The Mommy

Our younger daughter has had a favorite baby doll, received on her 4th birthday, for over 3 years now. Fiona has been like a member of the family. There have been books written about her. But her arm came off today. And there were tears.

Fiona and Sara riding Sara's horse lighting. I wish you knew how much these girls have played with these dolls. I have tons of pictures on my camera that the girls have taken like this.

The "big girl doll" we purchased on her 6th birthday still has all her limbs, but her hair looks as if dynamite may have exploded beside her head. There is no helping it. It is not lovely.

So the time has come to get one of the dolls for our daughter. The kind where, if the arm falls off, we can send the doll to their neat little doll hospital and they will put it back on. (Not with a zip tie either.)

Fiona will be lovingly dressed (in clothes that cover her arm) and placed on the shelf. She is still loved.

Little Bit with Fiona and both of her arms on the first day of school one year.
Oh, the tears dried up fairly quickly when talk of the new doll started. The new baby, which has not yet been ordered, already has a name.


  1. so american girl, faith girl??? what's it gonna be. If it is american girl. I seriously suggest a TRIP!!! ONly a 5 hour drive to pick up the doll!!! visit in the cafe.. it is wonderful! :)

    Have fun!!! We will be revisiting in feb when we make our way to Grapevine. Emily has a BITTY baby... but at Christmas we bought her a "fake" doll at Target and I am already SOOO glad for my decision because the doll is on the floor. I dont mind the cheap OR expensive being played with but she wasnt being played with she is just ON the floor!

    SO Emily is not ready for the "real" thing! But she has LOVED her Bitty baby for a few years!

  2. Carrie, I agree. That Sara doll in the picture was an imitation doll we got Sweetheart when she was 7. Best purchase ever. Great doll. And she spent a lot of time on the floor. When she was 9, she got her American Girl Doll. She was ready.
    I wasn't ready to buy LB an AG doll when she was 6, so we got a cheaper one and the hair is seriously horrible. Worst money every spent. I asked her if she wanted a Bitty Baby or a doll with hair--she wants a Bitty Baby. Excellent. And she's totally ready. She'll take good care of it.

  3. We are actually making a trip probably next week to the store in Chicago! Both my girls have saved their allowance for a while, and now they each have enough to get one. They are thrilled, and they are 11 and 12! My oldest made the comment that she's going to play with hers, carefully, and then keep it in good shape to pass on to her daughter--I was rather impressed with her planning.

  4. My 8 yo has both a bitty baby and an American Girl doll. Both are older from before the company was bought out. I was not ready for her to have either but my grandma (who is a serious doll collector) was ready to pare down her own collection and gave them to T with tons of outfits and accessories.

  5. Poor baby! I hate it when a beloved one loses an appendage. :0) Bitty Baby sounds just right. Can't wait to see the pics! And...what's the new name??


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