Monday, February 7, 2011

Having Your Husband At Home

There was a lot of ice last week. Snow was predicted, but did not happen which did not please the younger generation. Schools and businesses had all closed in preparation for the big snowfall so S was home on Friday.

He had already been home on Thursday because he went to an appointment with me. So let's see...that means he was home with us for FOUR DAYS. He doesn't do well just sitting around the house. Some men do. Not S. If there is not a project or something to do he will go crazy. And he couldn't exactly get out of the house on Friday because of all the ice.

We did not do school on Thursday because Daddy was home! so I did go ahead as normal on Friday. S sat around and looked at the weather on his laptop and drank coffee. He was going crazy. So what did he do? Of course he thought of something to do!!!!

And it involved me. BUT...the end result is, you can walk in and use and sewing room and laundry room again!!!! YEAH!!!

That means I did not sew on any quilts as planned. BUT, the bill paying desk is clean and usable. The sewing stuff is back in order on the shelves. You can find things. It's wonderful. We filled 2 city garbage bags with junk.

I also have 2 large bags of give away stuff by the front door. The truck is coming on Thursday. Then there is a small stack to return to sister and parents. Anything that does not belong here is GOING.

I love getting rid of stuff.

So you might read this post and assume that since we were all home together for 4 days that the house is clean and tidy, right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

How long have you been reading here?

There is clean laundry all over the couch and coffee table. There is a, MOUNTAIN of clothing on the ironing board. (Did I mention there is a new dress code at S's work? It's called "Your Wife Now Has to Iron.") There are library books all over the fireplace. The homeschool room....well....let's just say it doesn't look as featured here.

S is back at work and now I need to get back to work too. Me and my Motivated Moms list can tackle this house!!! Oh, and my helpers. What child labor laws?

What are you up to this Monday?


  1. Love it! My husband usually does well the first two days, since he's trying to recover from the constant sleep deprivation. His sleeping habits are horrible.

    By day 3, he needs something to do, just like S. And it also involves deviation from my routines.

  2. Yay... I made it over! Loved 'catching up' with you. I'm stalking... I mean 'following' you now. ;)

  3. Oh yeah!!!!! Shoot--playbreak is over. I gotta go do more school. I'll be over to your place later today!!! :)

  4. We have this running joke now about when my husband is bored--I tell him he can do whatever projects he wants as long as they don't involve rearranging my kitchen! (Yes, he has tried that before!) His logic for where things would best go is not the same as mine, but I do have to remind him every now and then WHO spends more time in the kitchen!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)