Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Seem to Be Suffering From a Lack of Theme Lately

Once again, a post with no cohesiveness.

Welcome to my brain!!!

Little Bit has had quite a big week here. First, her top tooth FINALLY fell out. She smiled at me at church on Sunday and something looked odd. I looked closer. Her top tooth was BACKWARDS IN HER HEAD. Gross. I am not about the pulling teeth, but this one needed to come out.

All better.

What's with the fake smile? Look excited!
That's better!
Then, her long awaited Bitty Baby arrived today. It was delayed because of the Arctic Blast covering the country last week. She had told me she would, before playing with the doll, first run around the house screaming.

And she did. You might have heard her?

Then she took a picture of her new baby.
Welcome Home Sonya!

We are working on Valentine's boxes for our homeschool Valentine skate party later this week. Little Bit wanted something with fairies.

This is where we stand right now. HELP! It's going to be a flower with big petals all around. The yellow circle is the middle of the flower and the flap lifts up to put the cards in. That's all good. But the fairies were going to be made out of clothespins. Where do we clip them? How do we attach them? Any ideas? My brain didn't plan this one out very well.

Sweetheart wanted to make a robot. Here's the beginnings of one. Thanks to Google and a good blogger who posted pictures of her children's creations. All good ideas come from Google and bloggers, right?

 The other thing we've been busy doing is learning music notes. Sweetheart is sort of at a standstill in her piano lessons until she memorizes the notes. So, the Mama who knows NOTHING about reading music is attempting to assist her.

I feel a letter to my 4th/5th grade music teacher is in order:

Dear Mr. McCallen,

Thank you so much for making music class fun. I really liked singing all through class. I remember singing Senor Don Gato Was a Cat.....and My Gal's a Corker, She's a New Yorker.

And remember how, right before it was time for your evaluation, you would spend 2 days trying to teach us actual music?

Haha. Good times.


Your former student who is musically illiterate, but likes to sing.


  1. Now, see, Mr. McCallen did his job! He instilled a love of his subject in you. It was up to you to take that love and chase down your learnin'! And can I just say wow! to the boxes. My good grief my kids are doin' paper sacks if the snow clears enough by Friday to have the actual party! (and the answer to the fairy dilemma is hot glue)

  2. you could run green pipecleaners up the side and then clip them on that like a vine???

    the robot is cute!

    My music teacher was Mrs. Woodmeyer. SHE was a freak. literally. her hair was all curly around her hair and greasy and when she wanted us to sing on a higher pitch she would take a strand of her curly greasy hair and pull it up, up, up until is was straight and like 3 inches long.

    All I remember about her class is that and a halloween song about a woman whose bones did something. my sister can still sing it!

  3. Hi Brenda,

    Here's how we learned the lines and spaces at my house. The treble clef is the "girl" clef. Cuz, it's higher and girls voices are higher, anyway, we use the traditional "Every girl bakes delicious fudge" for the lines and "FACE" for the spaces, because, well, let's face it , girls are "in" to their faces. For the bass clef, the "boy" clef, we used "Goofy boys do funny actions" for the lines and "All cars eat gas", for the spaces.

    Good luck!

  4. You could probably make the fairy wings with ribbon, and poke a hole in the box to tie the ribbon through. I only have a son, so I have no experience with making girly stuff.

  5. We had to wait a looong time for Gracie's front tooth to come out... then almost a year to grow back in. So Little Bit deserves her new baby. ;) Sonya looks like she'll be a great addition to the family. I say hot-glue those clothespins on... Tulle would be cute for fairy wings. ;)

  6. loooove the toothless smile!! so so cute!!
    and yes...you made my day :)

  7. http://www.musicwithease.com/read-music-notes-beginners.html

    That's what we're using for music right now to get the basics down. I do have a musical background, but didn't know where to start with my kids! Maybe that will be helpful?

    I had a love/hate relationship with music class. Loved it in the fall/spring, hated it in winter. Why? Because I always got croup, barked like a dog while coughing, and sat in the hallway the entire class.

    Good. Times.


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