Monday, November 29, 2010

What I Accomplished and the Importance of Good Buttonholes

First of all, over the holiday weekend, I turned this:

into this:

It might as well be a mile high.

Now I just have to work my magic and turn that (see above) into 2 quilts.

Concerning Christmas parties. I always go straight to Dress Barn for my outfits. They have never let me down. One year when Little Bit was really little, I had a great pair of black pants that made me look and feel thin. My entire goal that year was to find a shirt beautiful enough to go to a Christmas party in that matched those pants.

Here is what I found. Isn't it lovely?

The bad news about that shirt is that I was seated next to Mike D. all evening. He works with S. He was sitting on the unfortunate (depending on how you look at it I suppose) side of me all evening. It would have been better if S had been on that side because not once, not twice, not even 3 times, but AT LEAST 5 times that evening I would look down and 3-5 of my buttons would be popped open.

I am sorry to say I was not wearing a fancy bra either.

And also, it's difficult to discreetly AND QUICKLY button that many buttons at a dinner table.

Dear me.

You have never seen a shirt be disposed of so quickly upon my arrival home.

Needless to say I am not looking to get that intimate again with my husband's co-workers. Dress Barn, don't fail me this year!!!


  1. That's hilarious, I can't stand those shirts that seem to have a mind of their own. : ) Good luck at Dress Barn and with your quilt, LOVE the fabric choices!

  2. ha ha, glad I am not the only one with that type of story, cept mine was during a church service, and yes, I was actually relieved that my nursing bra was latched...phew! ;^)
    ~Sheri jealous about your quilt making! just had to admit it, lol

  3. Correction Sheri--it is not quilt making yet. So far it is just "fabric cutting." :) As in "LOOK! I CUT A LOT OF SQUARES!"

  4. Aww. Well you look good in the pic. :)

  5. A little stitchin' could tighten up those button holes and make it wearable.


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