Friday, February 11, 2011

Winter Pick Me Up

I know I live in Texas.

I know it's not even snowing here.

I know I could get out and go do something and other people can't.

But all this staying inside gets to you either way. I'm not depressed. It's not Vitamin D deficiency.

But I need a pick-me-up.

I need a beach day.

But in lieu of that, since it was 22 degrees when I woke up and that does not make a good beach day, I think I shall rearrange.

I know. I've documented my sickness on this blog. But this time I'm not talking about furniture. I just want a different LOOK around here.

I love to Google pictures of other people's living rooms. Of other people's houses. I know what looks I love.

But what I HAVE is a 12 year old plaid couch and the same stuff all around me that we've had for a long time. I think I'm beginning to see how you end up with an avocado green refrigerator and pictures of fruit on the walls. I used to think, "My word. Why don't people update their stuff every now and then?" But you don't notice it. And new stuff takes money. And one day you realize you have had the same fork and spoon on the wall for way too long and there's no moving them. (a la Everyone Loves Raymond--can NOT find a clip of that. I loved that.)

So today I think I will take all the accessories down and pile them on the table. Then I will redistribute them around the house.

This is VERY hard for me. My sister came and did it for me when we lived at our old house. I simply could not imagine a different place for things. The clock has ALWAYS gone there! Where else could we possibly put it?

Drives me crazy. I'm not sure I'll be able to do it today. I'll just act like I'm shopping for accessories for a new house. Or for a model home. Oh I loved that show Designed to Sell on HGTV. I haven't seen that in (well, a year--when we got rid of TV). Everything always looked so simple and fresh and pulled together without all the clutter of everyday life thrown up all around the room.

Wish me luck. I'm hoping for big results.

If this doesn't work, I may have to bundle up and go to the beach.


  1. Ha Ha! That is funny. I can NOT relate to your re-arranging the furniture sickness, but I CAN relate to the other stuff. Remember when we used to live in the same town as you? Almost all the same stuff was on the walls in exactly the same place my whole growing up. As I got older, I started to notice! I though, "Why doesn't Mom re-decorate?" HA HA HA. The joke is on me! I, also, no longer have the time or money or energy to re-decorate! I'm starting to notice though...and it's starting to bother me! I'm starting to think "oh ugly." But at the same time...remember that room we re-did last year and painted? Still have NOTHING to put on the walls, except the school boards. Nothing to put over the mantle. I think about getting something...then I think, no that's not worth the money! Oh well!

  2. I rotate my stuff all the time. I LOVE accessories (probably because they are the least expensive way I can play Decorator!), and have quite a few. But they look cluttered if they are all out all the time.

    I have a shelf in the basement where I keep my vases and candle holders, etc. Every so often, I rotate my stock. It freshens things up a little.

    I have some clear vases, and I change the vase fillers with the seasons - orange leaves in the fall, tiny Christmas balls in December... Post some pictures if you change stuff around!

  3. That is EXACTLY what I'm talking about! But there is aunt has lived in the same house since the 50s and just in my lifetime she has totally re-done that place over and over and over. I mean, she'll sew new curtains, recover some furniture, get all new accessories. Each time she does it she does it for cheap and it looks GREAT! But she has never let that house get out of style or look old fashioned. I'm working on the living room right now and it is HARD!

  4. Deb..that's smart. To get neutral vessels and change what's in them. That's what I need to do. But...not today! No money! :)

  5. I miss being in the military where we moved every few years and you got to decorate a new apartment -- at least put your stuff around differently to accommodate the new apartment. Broke up the monotony.

    Yes, this is how people end up with those avocado decorated houses. You can't afford new stuff and after a while you don't notice it. That is the story of my life now -- I mean, we're better off because at least the house is ours, but we have been in it almost 12 years and it is driving me crazy. I used to like putting my stuff around in a new way, but I've fixed it here to where it is just right, and there is no moving it to make it better. Dull and boring. My empathies.

  6. Design on a Dime. Remember that show? That's what I need. Ha! Have fun... I love to rearrange. But as you stated, I can also see how the olive refrig stays so long. Who knew we would turn into our own grandmother?? ;) Love Everybody Loves Raymond. It was our fav sitcom. They don't make 'em like they used to.

  7. I always loved Decorating Cents.My husband may be getting transfered to northern Texas.I am so hoping he does.I am sick of Illinios.Although I have lived here nearly all my life.My husband did buy me the nicest ceramic cream colored rooster lamp today at a resale shop so I had to do a little redecorating for that.If I new we wasn't going to move. I would be painting right now or at least picking colors red,orange,sunny yellow?Who am I kidding I always paint everything white, cream ,or beige.I am SO brave.LucyT


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