Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm Living the Party Life Now

You know, I'm not sure whose brilliant idea this New Year's party was, but it's OK. It's going to be fun. Around 5:00, I'm going to change all the clocks. The kids probably won't notice. Then we can ring in the new year a few hours early and send them to bed. It's all good.

I'm in the middle of making clock cookies and I'll post the results later. They are fabulous so far. That will be the only sweets we have tonight. Sister said she had powdered donuts for in the morning but I told her we cannot start the new year like that. We'll eat something healthier.

I just wanted to tell you about last New Year's Eve. Or maybe it was the year before. Anyway, we were at Walgreens picking up a prescription for one of the girls and there were all these people walking around in little black dresses. Well, not people.....women. Even at the nearby shopping center there were folks dressed up.

I looked at S and said, "WHY is everyone so dressed up?"

"It's New Year's Eve, Brenda." he said.


I didn't even realize what day it was. All these people were dressed up to go out and I was at the drugstore picking up meds for someone's snot. Don't I live the glamorous life?

And tonight I'll be having a bubble wrap stomp with the 10 and under set.

Don't envy me. You too can party like this!!!

Look for me on magazine covers soon.

(Happy New Year everyone!!!)


  1. Love it!!! We were supposed to go to a fun New Year's shindig at a friend's house...with all of our kids as well, it's a family thing...but alas my eldest came down with a fever yesterday and one of those barking dog coughs this morning. So, tonight we'll be having our own party at home, complete with special paper plates and napkins (no dishes=perfect!), fun appetizer food goodies, and kiddie games!! :) Happy New Year to you and your sweet family Brenda!!!!

  2. Love the new look! But....... it's a bit hard to read your sidebar and post title with that green. or yellow, whatever it is. Just thought you might want to know, I know I would.

    So... you are the party animal I knew you were deep down. You will be doing more than I. I am still snottin' and the baby has diarrhea again!!! We will be going to bed around 10 tonight and ringing in the new year dead asleep! Yea!!! Hope to see you soon, my kids are going through best friend detox!

  3. Yeah, I know. I just haven't had time to play with it much.

    We miss you too. And you make it sound SO inviting to come over right now!!!! :)

  4. This green looks much better! Easier on the eyes : )

  5. Love the new look! Happy New Year!! :-)

  6. Love your new header ~ "This moment is your life."

  7. I love your new header, too! I'm having quote envy over here...
    We had a wild party here, with Sprite and fudge and hummus, and some crazy Uno and Scrabble jr. games!!!!
    It was wild! :)
    My favorite kind of party.

  8. I'm SO digging your new digs. Looks awesome!!

    Our party didn't go as I planned, but the food did. So yummy! Can't wait to see your cookies. Glad you had fun. We did too!

    Happy New Year!

  9. Just wondering, isn't this just the same as doing Santa? Lying to kids about who gives them presents and what Christmas is about, or deceiving them and lying to them about the time just so you can go to bed early? If you want them to go to bed at ten, tell them to go to bed. Anyhow we went to a party and only lasted till 11 pm. We just took our kids home they didn't know the difference haha.

  10. I can't take credit for the quote. It came with the banner from the cutest blog on the block!

  11. Happy New Year! I love the new look :)


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