Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Starting Back

My birthday, all of my life, was the day we headed back to school from Christmas break. Or the day before. Or the day right after. Ug. Happy Birthday! Get up and go to school!

You know I have control over that now, right?

Still, since it's a Monday, we probably will start back on my birthday. It messes the week up when we skip Monday.

I have no plan or clue what we are going to do in January, and frankly I have no motivation to think about it yet. Maybe I need to get the Christmas decorations down? For sure I need to rearrange the playroom. Perhaps after New Year's I will feel more like planning.

Sister and I usually get the girls together over Christmas break to do something fun. For several years we did a Christmas cookie day in December. Last year we did snowman day. This year we decided to celebrate New Year's together.

We will be changing our clocks so that "midnight" is actually 10:00--a good hour past any one's bedtime. They probably won't even know. (Hee Hee) We'll eat supper together and then kick off the party. Among other things, we found these cute little bags for them to open each hour of the party. Those will be easy and free to make, and cheap to fill. (bubbles, a bit of candy, etc.)

We will make noisemakers from water bottles filled with dry beans and decorated with curly ribbon and stickers, etc.

There will be a bubble wrap stomp at "midnight." Along with the noisemakers.

We will decorate calendars and mark important dates for 2010. In other words, every one's birthday.

I am planning to attack clock cookies using JulieMom's tutorial on royal icing. These, and the whole party really, are inspired by a Max and Ruby episode. If they fail, I guess we'll let them eat cake.

I crack myself up.

So today necessitates the playroom being rearranged to fit four squealy girls in there on New Year's. Sigh. I guess I'd better get going.


  1. I love royal icing!! The cookies and party sound FUN - enjoy your birthday and your new year.

  2. Sounds like lots of fun.
    Oh, and Happy Birthday--is it in January?

  3. Oh I can't wait to see your clocks! That sounds like a GREAT idea! Maybe I'll make some too.

    I went to check the link to your bags, and this weird "YOUR COMPUTER IS UNDER ATTAAAAACK" thing showed up.

    So maybe I'll try again another day. :0) Thanks for the link love, by the way!

  4. We would always watch Max and Ruby and I would think about my older two. They are just like them sometimes! By the way, I was able to go to the bag link without problem. When is your birthday again? It's in January isn't it?

  5. I like the bubble-wrap stomp. It also works well if you sit in a computer chair and roll over it!


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