Monday, December 28, 2009


Christmas 2009
The aftermath at our house.

Little Bit was very happy with the gift Grandma got her!
Sweetheart was pretty happy too! (My dad and S in the background)

Sweetheart and Moose at "the kids' table" ready for Christmas dinner.
Little Bit and Gnat. Didn't Sister and I do well coordinating our girls? Not planned.
Christmas night. The dolls were all tucked in. :) This just made me happy.
Sunday afternoon Little Bit lost her first tooth in her Dilly Bar.
My beautiful Sweetheart....
The tooth fairy came last night! See the fairy dust on her forehead? What a joyful Christmas weekend we had!


  1. I didn't know the Tooth Fairy left dust behind! Very cute.

  2. Awesome! I love it, can't wait to see her with it missing! They are so cute with that one missing tooth in the front : )

  3. Those little dolls look so cozy in their brand new beds....way to go Brenda! I'm sure Sweetheart and Little Bit were thrilled with them!!! Glad yous had a Merry Christmas weekend!

  4. Oh those very very cute! Your girls look just like you...beautiful :) And fairy dust! Why didn't I think of that??

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Looks like fun!! Congrats to Little Bit. Glad you had a happy day. :0)

  6. You know, I used a really fine, fine glitter I found at the craft store for the fairy dust. It really is magical looking. The tooth fairy sprinkles some by the tooth box, a bit on the floor, just a bit on the edge of the bed.....

    I was cursing the stupid idea the first time I was in there vacuuming it all up though! :)

    They both KNOW about the tooth fairy now, but we still do it. Because it's fun! :)


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