Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Better Catch Up!

Little Bit has completed books A, B, and C of Explode the Code. These books are really easy and only cover the consonant sounds. I didn't even have her do the handwriting pages and we haven't nearly finished her Handwriting Without Tears books. But, as usual, when Little Bit makes up her mind about something, it's set in stone.

I'm waiting until after Christmas to start her next phonics book. I didn't want to start and then stop it right away. Plus, I'm getting some homeschool stuff for Christmas that I'd like to use in her phonics time.

But apparently she's made up her mind it's time to read.

She sits in the backseat of the car and tries to read Berenstain Bear books. A bit hard, but you can't tell her that. Last night she took a library book about doll houses to bed with her and made a list in her diary of what she wants in her doll house.




brkbl stuf...breakable stuff

Seriously? Who tries to sound out "breakable stuff" when they are first starting out?

I think I'd better get with it. This one is ready to read!


  1. That's wonderful! What a brave girl sounding out "breakable stuff." And, I could totally read that without your translation! Way to go, Little Bit! :)

  2. Awesome! I could read her list too without your translation.
    Must have something to do with having little ones yourself!

  3. LOL! That is so cute!! She'll be on a roll in no time! (will you be continuing with Explode the Code, or using other things?)

  4. I will be totally LOL if your next post about this is how she taught herself to read during Christmas break while you were waiting on your new phonics stuff. :)

  5. Well, it IS easier to read when typed. The left to right progression wasn't all there. You know how when they run out of room they just start writing up or down hill or finish the word in a completely new spot? That's why she had to help me out a bit. When she told me the word though, it just jumped off the page! So exciting.

    Yes, Erin. We are sticking wiht ETC. And I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she started reading before I'm "ready"! :)

  6. Sweet! Love the phonetic spellings. And I hear you with the spelling words wherever they happen to fit. Makes reading it difficult, but it looks so cute!

    She'll definitely be ready soon!!


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