Sunday, December 13, 2009

Driving Foolishness Away

Lately I've been thinking about foolishness. There are many foolish adults in this world and many more foolish children. You can see them everywhere. I am constantly amazed by the way some children are allowed to behave. I don't want my children learning from their example and I have been thinking about HOW to raise children that are NOT fools.

The answer, of course, is found in God's word. I just flipped back to my concordance and found a plethora of verses on foolishness. Proverbs is full of this topic. I think we will be studying this in school. As we read what the Bible says about fools, the girls will form a picture of a fool in their heads. Hopefully, they will remember this character, "the fool" and recognize him when they see him in real life. Hopefully, they will recognize foolish behavior and know how important it is to stay away from it. And to not behave in that way.

The Bible tells us foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child. It also tells us how to get rid of that foolishness. And I believe it. I don't even need to debate it with anyone. The world's wisdom tells us that this method will psychologically scar our children and lead them to be violent but I know better.

It isn't only about driving it out---although that is an important part of the deal--it's also about instructing. It is important. Very important. And it starts here.

This article, however controversial the author to some people, has really good things to say about it. We must guard what media is being fed to our children. We do not want them having fools for role models. That includes real-life people they are around too. Which is why middle school makes less and less sense to me every day. :)

The more I think about it, the more Proverbs becomes a gem in my mind. I have not been studying God's word with my girls they way I should, but these thoughts about fools has reminded me of the importance of it all.


  1. Unfortunately this is one trait that we are all guilty of at some point and time as adults and with our children. Guess that's why we learn through trial and error with our children sometimes. What works for one child may not work for another or for that child we see at the grocery store throwing that hissie fit. Most of the time I see foolishness allowed in a child's behavior is because of laziness on the adults part. Unfortunately, I think we are all guilty of this as well as parents. At some point and time, we all get so tired or frazzled by our day that we simply allow things to happen that would have other wise resulted in a spanking. This, like everything else, is a constant day by day child specific problem that sometimes takes a while to figure out.

  2. Not to say that the correction (the rod) wouldn't work for each child no matter how different. I am thinking more on the instruction part of your post.

  3. Yes, but I was thinking more along the lines of people who don't even see a need to drive the foolishness away. It's funny. Or cute. Or they really are frustrated with their child's behavior and just have no idea what to do about it.

  4. that last one might very well be me with big boys negativity.
    I just have no idea what to do about it.

  5. Yeah, see? That's not foolishness and I have no idea either.

    Maybe Proverbs has something on that too?

  6. the article seemed focused on silliness being foolish but you guys are talking about bad behaviors in general... does that author feel all bad behaviors are foolish???

    what is the line between having fun, being whimsical, playing our with your kids and allowing them some freedom to be silly every once in a while and being foolish????

  7. to me I think the line is drawn in regards to "there is a time and a place" to be silly. If you are at the house with your children and you encourage silly behavior then it is fine. If they are with other children say a playdate and they are having silly play time then that is fine. I believe it becomes foolish when it is .. let's say.. the child who sticks chopsticks up his nose while out to dinner at a restaurant with another couple or family. Then it becomes foolish and is a distraction that is inappropriate. To allow that type of public silliness is foolishness on the parents part, thus allowing the child to utilize foolishness throughout other times when not appropriate. I have been to many outings with other people who have allowed their child to become a foolish distraction, it's an embarrassment to all present. Even if it is not your child.

  8. Yes, the wife wrote another article where she talked about how some parents are so focused on their children being sober that they could take the warmth out of sunshine! ;) That cracked me up. Absolutely....I think silliness becomes foolishness when it is allowed to continue in an inappropriate setting like Giovanna said. Is it OK to run around and yell during playtime? Yes. Is running and yelling OK at the nursing home? No. Same behavior. One is just silly fun during playtime and one is foolish.

    Also, read Proverbs. It really helps define foolish!

  9. I agree with yall and will read Proverbs again to remind myself...

    it was a very good post by the way!

  10. Great post, Brenda, and love the conversation here. And, I will have to be honest, I think I could lighten up a little, and try to not take the warmth out of sunshine. :) It might be a good time to dig into Proverbs on a topical study regarding foolishness. :)

  11. I think you know it is foolishness when it becomes disrespectful in anyway, like so loud in the car others are distracted.I think everyone needs to learn self control.

  12. Great post! Love it when discussion happens. Foolishness is so much easier to see in OTHER people's kids, isn't it? :0) It is for me!

    Thanks for the thoughts this provoked!


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