Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Evening Wrap-up

Whew! What a weekend!

We started out with snow on Friday. We had snow last year too (which is a record, by the way). I've lived here my entire life and I think it snowed 2 times in my childhood. This makes 3 times my children have seen snow here in Texas. Crazy!

We were at Giovanna's house for a playdate when it started. The kids went out and had fun for 5 minutes and we spent the next 30 minutes drying their clothes and warming them up. :)

I know it wasn't much if you are used to such things. It wasn't as much as last year. But we were excited anyway. When we got home, there was even more snow. (Shhh! Don't tell her kids.)

On Tuesday, it will be 70 something degrees here. Welcome to Texas.

On Friday night, S and I had a Christmas party to attend so the little girls ended up spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We went home to a quiet fun-filled night with the rabbits sheltered in the girls' bathroom. They are very active at night. We were really determined that they would be FINE outside. We had provided extra hay, a cardboard box, and a tarp over the house to cover the windows. Then we heard the freeze was expected to last 10-14 hours and it was going to be in the 20's most of the night. We were still determined they would be fine until a friend mentioned something about how devastated our girls would be if we killed their pets. FINE. Did I mention they are really active at night? And the girls' bathroom is right next to our bedroom?

Saturday I worked on the house. I mostly worked on sorting through toys with the girls. I thought we needed to get rid of a lot of toys but it really turned out we just needed to put things away where they go. (I will still be getting rid of some.) It was that maddening kind of sorting where you have piles and piles of tiny objects that all need to be put away because you had the nerve to look under furniture or behind shelves. I sat down and passed out objects to the girls for them to put in the correct place.

Polly Pockets. (a tiny shoe)
Lego. (a single pink Lego)
Pet Shops. (a little cast for a Pet Shop's foot)
Polly Pockets. (a miniature shirt)
Dollhouse. (a small chair)
Polly Pockets. (a microscopic hanger)
Robin Hood. (a little quiver of arrows)
Toy Story. (Mr. Potato Head's arm)

Repeat 462 times until pile is gone.

And I got about 1/116 of the sewing I need to do for Christmas....done.

So there's always that.

OH! And I started hacking through the homeschool room and yes--I rearranged a little. The jury's still out on how the furniture landed but we'll see.

We have S's work Christmas party this coming weekend and I have no shirt to wear--which is bound to make for a memorable evening.

Are you enjoying these tiny paragraphs of disjointed thoughts?

Is it any wonder women have trouble sleeping what with all this going through our heads?

So the word of the week is PRODUCTIVITY. I've got to get big things done around here. Actually that's not true. It's more like sorting through all those stupid little Polly Pocket shoes--I've got to get a lot of little things done but throw them all together and they make one big pile.

How's that for a visual?


  1. Ha - I see you went with the good ole plastic bag gloves this time! Love em!

    It's good to know that the bunnies stayed warm that night. I'm sure all their "activities" kept them warm as well. Did you put them in the tub?

    Polly pockets are everywhere in my house as well. One time I found an entire outfit crammed into the sides of the toilet paper tube. Apparently she was playing with them on the throne and forgot she had put the clothes there!

    My thoughts are often like this as well. If you notice, when women talk they can skip from one conversation topic to another and not miss a beat, they all seem to just catch on to what the other is talking about now. Men are unable to do this. My husband has often criticized me for jumping from one topic to another. He just doesn't have the mental capacity to keep up with me some times! : )

  2. I'm with Giovanna. What we woman have, this disjointed thought process, is a gift. We are so in tune with so many things, we get way more accomplished conversational-wise than men. ;)

    As for little piles, I hear ya! I am SO not a fan of Polly Pockets, but somehow we have them anyway. (Oh, I think they were a hand-me-down toy.) Anyway, if I find anything like that around, I just toss it. Mean, I know. But something that small does not deserve my time and attention to be put away-- or to tell Big Sis to put it away.

    And, you will have to let us know how S's party goes. I'm sure you'll be the talk of the night if you don't find a shirt!

  3. Tiny pieces are the bane of my existence. I do not let the girls have many toys like that because I am like Karly- I throw the pieces out!! Then I feel guilty for the money wasted after I pitch them.

    It's a bad cycle.

    I too would like to know the outcome of the "topless party". :0) Have a good time!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)