Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Caroling We Will Go....Maybe

I am so excited about the Winter Choir I signed the girls up for. A homeschool mom is putting this together and I heard about it through someone in our homeschool group. After I signed them up, I was sent an e-mail with a list of songs for them to learn. We do all of the rehearsing here at home. There were links to lyrics and videos for them to sing along with. (Helpful for a non-reader!) I provide them with a green or red sweatshirt, and they will need to make an jingle bell instrument.

The whole choir will get together for one or two practices at a park, which will be a bit of a drive for me. Then they will perform 3 or 4 times in various places (nursing homes, caroling in a neighborhood, and a shopping center maybe) and you just come to whatever performances you can make it to.

Little Bit is not so sure. She's not much for getting up in front of people. Very unlike Sweetheart, who loves to do any new thing that comes her way.

That reminds me of when 5 or 6 year old Sweetheart played Mary in the Christmas play at church. The narrator said, "Mary gently lay the babe in the manger" and Sweetheart bent down to put the doll in the manger and all we heard was CLUNK! Everyone sitting near the manger got tickled and laughed. I was afraid she would be upset but she carried on like a trooper. When she sat down with us I hugged her and told her what a good job she did. She smiled and said, "Mommy? I a little bit dropped the baby."

Yeah. I heard. She loves that story.

So back to the choir. I told Little Bit she was going to the practices and that she would go caroling. As for the other performances, I'll leave that up to her. But she is going to learn the songs and they can perform them here at home for the grandparents and Daddy.

Anyway it sounds like a nice, relaxed way for them to participate in a choir. I haven't found any homeschooling thing yet that I can't attach the word "relaxed" to. I think that's one thing I really love about homeschooling.

And if you are not a homeschooler, would it surprise you to find that ALL ages are welcome in this choir? Even toddlers if they are so inclined to sing. Or wander.

Maybe it's because there is no money attached to our job, but homeschool moms are about as relaxed as they come.


  1. I know I love it! Come if you want, go if you want!
    No forced "sell this or buy this" if you want to be able to get your grade at the end of the semester!
    Once you find your niche, it's easy sailing ... for the most part
    I may change my mind when I have to teach Big boy advanced math : (

  2. Oh the math drama!!!! I can see it already! :)


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