Sunday, December 20, 2009

The To Do List

S asked me what I had to do tomorrow and I told him, "I just need to clean the house." And THEN, over the course of the next hour, I also remembered that I need to:

1. Catch up on the checkbook
2. Go grocery shopping (which means make a meal plan and a list)
3. Cut Sweetheart's hair
4. Go to the feed store
5. Get gas
6. something else I'll remember later

And suddenly, "clean the house" was all the way at the bottom of the list. See how that happens? The fact is, I need to do all those things tomorrow--including cleaning the house. Guess I better get up and at 'em in the morning!

I have one more thing to finish and I'm all done with Christmas gifts. Once I wrap that last one, there will be great rejoicing in heaven. Or at least here in Texas. And I really do have to clean the house well as we are hosting S's family on Christmas Eve. Since we are finished with school for 2009, we should have plenty of time to make the house look really nice.

But you see what already happened to my to do list, don't you?

I really am motivated to get everything in order because I'd like to start the new year with a straight and clean house. It's all I want for Christmas.


  1. That is all I want for Christmas also.I will pray for you if you pray for me.Maybe your house does not need prayer but I can asure you mine does.I just found out the in-laws are coming two days early.

  2. LOL @ LucyT!!

    Brenda- I think it's not too late to hire maid service for the day...then you can relax and get those other pesky chores done. :0) It could happen!

  3. Lucy--YIKES!!!! I do not know the fear of having in-laws coming but I can imagine it! Back when my sweet MIL was alive, my house was usually really clean. We didn't have kids. Or stuff. So, it was easy back then.

    Julie, there is not a maid around who would not run screaming from the building. Or laugh. Where would they start??????

  4. I don't think I would want a maid poking around in my stuff!
    And it's so hard to find someone to clean your house for free : )
    You have your very own little maid service - those two sweeties!
    Put those girls to work I say, make them earn their keep!
    That's the Southern way to clean your house!


I don't get to talk to a lot of actual grown-ups during the day, so your comments make me really happy! :)