Friday, December 18, 2009

Progress Pictures

OK. Here are some pony tail scarves I made. These are for Sweetheart and I also made some for my niece Gnat. The other two little girls don't have enough hair for these. The tutorial is here.

Here is the bedding for one doll. This doll likes horses and is a cowgirl. (I know this because she came with a horse and a cowgirl outfit) The decorative pillow and the trim on the pillowcase are cut from a black bandanna.

It's reversible. And that yarn really is red even though it looks pink-ish in this picture.

Here are two other decorative pillows. Can you tell what THOSE dolls like? (And I know that because I asked Little Bit what her dolls like and she told me.)

The real challenge is going to be Kit Kittredge's bedding. Kit is the American Girl doll from the 193o's. I know she would have had white sheets so I'm using an old crib sheet for that. But she would not have had a comforter on her bed.....she would have had a quilt. Or perhaps a chenille bedspread but I'm not buying chenille for this project. The problem is, I don't quilt.

We'll see how that goes. I'm still thinking on it.
OK fine. Really, I'm putting it off while I work on easier things. Whatever.


  1. Don't have to quilt it, just make a patchwork piece of bedding and sew it together. Then just ditch stitch it on the pattern of the material ... ie. if the material has a flower on it, simply stitch around the flower and it will make a quilt looking piece of material without having to put in batting.

    I love the black pillow, so elegant for a little dollie!

  2. Yes, I agree the black is SO cute! Great job!

    For Kit you could also just cut out material into squares and use fusible web to stick it onto a main fabric, then just sew lines down the rows. That would make it look patchwork-y without really having to sew all those tiny squares individually. Then put ties in it like the other "comforters" and you're all set.

    Just a thought. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be awesome!

    And I have tons to sew too. I just don't want to do any more of it!!

  3. Hey, you guys are so smart! I like both of those ideas! Thanks!

  4. Love all of it! Way to go, Brenda!

    Didn't make this year. Got a little busy. But, next year I have plans, big plans! :)

    P.S. Love the pillows. How cute!

  5. LOVE these - wish i had the time to homemake some of ours this year - maybe next! and you can quilt - if i can anybody can.

  6. You are doing such a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing the journey.
    and those ponytail scarves...I'm liking that idea!


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