Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a Cheap Christmas

We have never gone ALL OUT for Christmas, as in really expensive stuff. But, I usually try to wrap everything up separately so they girls will have lots to open on Christmas morning. It gives the impression that we went all out when we really didn't. I always start out small, and add to my list until there is more under the tree than I intended.

Now. Having said that, I know that my children get more on Christmas morning than many, many children in the world do. Truly.

This year...not only because of money but also because of priorities, I decided to keep it to three gifts per girl. I can't remember who said it, (was it Dana? It sounds like Dana.) but "if it was good enough for the Lord, it's good enough for them." As I said before though, no gold, frankincense of myrrh here.

So I was really proud of all my hand-crafted ideas. Thought I was saving TONS of money. Well.

The fabric store robbed me today people! I didn't do so good on finding the cheapness even though everything I bought was on sale. Guess it just adds up after a while. No matter. The gifts will be fabulous and I really am working hard to keep everything cheap. I'm using lots of scrap buster projects. Can you say free?

Anyway, I've already caught myself adding to my original idea of three gifts so today I pulled in the reins. Decided I'm done. They have three things to open (well, you know, after I SEW THE FABRIC) and that is enough. I shall fight further temptation to add on.

I can work on that while I'm up all night sewing for the next three weeks.

Whose idea were these hand-made holidays anyway?


  1. I understand going cheap and handmade for most people, but not for your own kids or husband. I tend to think that my children and husband are the people I really should splurge on. The three gifts thing appears to be a trend for people to make themselves think they are spiritual by getting "less stuff". Not saying you are doing it for that reason, but I can tell some that are. I want my family to have a good time and get gifts they will like and use, not things they will have to pretend to like in order to be polite because mommy decided to be cheap.

    That being said, I am hardly ever able to get my kids new things, so I do go all out on birthdays and Christmas, although we had no money so they got NOTHING for their birthdays this year. I was really upset about that.

  2. Oh, that's the HARDEST thing for me --- NOT adding on! I get everything all taken care of and then find so many other wonderful ideas in the weeks still to come. Torture!
    We don't do a completely homemade Christmas, but I definitely LOVE giving those gifts. This year my "homemade" is mostly in the knitted category ... and I've still got to get 3 more fingerless gloves done.

    Joy to your world!

  3. Oh Tami, if I could knit, that would be ALL I gave! :)

    Also, I'm glad you understand about the adding on. It's a fight!

  4.'re pretty amazing with the sewing and the homeschooling and the home making and what not. It's hard for me to find blocks of time that I can actually sit down and do something creative and productive...props to you for going home made! Those are the gifts that I think are so much more special to people because you took the time and effort to make something with that person in mind. I did a lot of that last year...this year...with new baby, I'm thinkin not so much:) Ok, I feel like I'm just rambling now...and I s'pose that's not too polite to do on someone else's blog comment page...but feel free to on mine anytime:)

  5. Oh I remember the first year that K and I got married, we didn't have any money at all and had a baby on the way, we went to the store and pointed out the things that we would like to have gotten for Christmas and then just walked away!
    : )

    I also remember going to the dollar store and spending 10 bucks on each of the kids a few years ago and wrapping everything individually too. Ugh - that was the most tiring wrapping session I've ever had!

  6. Oh and you definitely have to be careful at our fabric store!
    They can and will take you to the cleaners.... unless of course you're buying fleece!!!!

  7. Julia, with a new baby, this would NOT be happening. Also, don't be too impressed b/c all I have are plans and stacks of fabric so far. :)

  8. I am so there, I have a list that three women couldn't accomplish from now until christmas. I just tried to prioritize and do what I can.

    I think that (if I can still move my fingers) I am going to try and make a little stash of projects that I can give away as b-day gifts when we are invited to parties.

    Next time you should come and shop at my house first. I have a pile of fabric I have bought (besides just the dora stuff) that I would love to rehome or share part of with someone. I can't see it wasted, but I don't ACTUALLY want to open a sweatshop.

  9. Jennifer thanks! My mom has fabric out the whazoo also, BUT...I needed really specific prints for this one gift. Thus, the money spent. So....whatcha got (besides the Dora) that you want to get rid of? I actually still need some for the backs of things.


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