Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We Took a Snow Day

No, not from school...just over the holidays. Usually, sister and I get the girls together to make and decorate Christmas cookies. This year the schedules didn't work out the way we wanted so we waited until after Christmas and had "snow day" instead.

It was after Christmas, remember? We weren't on our best game.

(This may remind you of our summer theme-a-weeks. It's just how we do things.)

First, gather your supplies. We spend no money on these fun days. Just dig around the house and library for stuff.

Don your snowman clothes, if you have any. Since Little Bit receives 100% hand-me-down benefits in our family, she did happen to have just the right shirt.

You might want to decorate a cake to look somewhat...just a smidgen....resembling...a snowman. You might want to dig in the stocking stuff and find decorations because remember....no money, after Christmas, not on our best game.

OK, moving on.

The little girls, ages 4 and 5, did a fun craft first. I got this idea from Allie at No Time for Flashcards. She used cotton balls, we used poly fiber fill.

Just look at the concentration here.

Moose is telling us something about hers in the background there.

Here's the finished deal! They loved playing with these. And we'll come back to this facial expression in a minute

They painted 3 sections of egg cartons white. We turned those into snowmen but I didn't get a final picture because remember? After Christmas...not on our best....OK, I'll shut up now.

Then we had them make Rice Krispy treat snowmen.

Sweetheart, my natural over-achieving mess-maker, was actually the only one who could do this. The other kids ended up gluing their hands together with marshmallow mush.


But it all came out good in the end. (Yellow eyes do not = hepatitis in snowmen. Besides, one eye already fell off.)

What is this dead look in my kids' eyes when they pose for me? We gotta work on the natural look. (Less robot!)

Then we set the big girls loose with supplies to make a snowman out of a CD (head) and paper plate (body). They wanted to make girl snowmen so my sister gave them cotton balls for boobs.
After much screaming, they opted to leave those off.

And again, no final picture.

I'm a little better at summer themes.


  1. The robot look is the beginning of self-consciousness. I get that look out of Kaytie sometimes when I forget to say something totally goofy right before I snap the pictures.
    There's a lot of great ideas here! We are having a snow theme soon with our cousins, so I appreciate the inspiration.

  2. You sound kind-of like I do when I post my recipes. "well, I'd like to tell you how long it bakes but I forgot to set the timer so its somewhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours" or "I added some more cornmeal but I don't know how much because I don't always measure."

    As for the snowman egg carton thing, how did they turn into snowmen? Were the three pieces cut apart and then staked somehow? Or left together and one end was the head and the other the feet? In east Texas my kids don't get very many snowman making opportunities.

  3. Yes, Christi--the 3 parts of the egg carton were the 3 parts of the snowman (vertical). We drew on eyes, nose, mouth, scarf and buttons and then added some little sticks for arms.

    And I also think that look is the beginning of "Mom! Stop taking pictures of us!"

  4. This was very cute! I think that you are doing great to get the projects done. Twice now, my friend and I have gotten together for a theme (in the evenings, and including a dinner) and have managed to fix the dinner but have run out of time for the crafts and presentations. I think that it is the dinner that is throwing us off, but it sure is yummy (we're not necessarily talking Fitness Friday here, though (: )
    Look like fun!

  5. I love this, I was reading Jennifers blog this morning and she had all this native american theme stuff and here you are with snow.. I NEED to get back to unit studies it is where my heart is! You guys are inspiring me!

  6. Cute! The blank look is probably from not being photographed enough. :0) My kids are posers. Three years on deputation will do that to a kid.

    The projects are cute! If only I knew where a library was near me...I need to do some research...

  7. Ha! You're just trying to make the rest of us look bad,right? :) Nerd! (I just read your other blog. so I'm teasing you. :)) NO, really, this is so great! You are so creative! What a fun day! :)


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